Friday, December 20, 2013

Tesla primed to expand after tax credit

Tesla primed to expand after tax credit
Electric car company Tesla Motors, which movement was fast to keep up with demand for its model S, gets a tax break from $34.7 million, helps to expand the production.

The California alternative energy and advanced transportation Financing Authority said on Tuesday that pay Tesla not to sales taxes on new equipment valued at nearly 500 million $.

The company will use these devices to 35,000 more cars per year.

"I am pleased that we act this promotion could Tesla its EV production in California, to create the green jobs and improve our air quality, to expand," said State Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

Lockyer estimated that the tax breaks and expanded production create 112 jobs at Tesla's factory in Fremont.

Tesla will probably be 21.500 to build model S units this year. Most of them will be sold in the United States, with a smaller share in Europe, where the company established even a distribution network.

The automaker has been careful about giving official guidance for 2014. This year, CEO Elon Musk said he was confident that Tesla annual production to more than 40,000 vehicles were able to gain.

Translate into the construction of more than 800 model S sedans would take a week. Their per production rate is now 600 vehicles - far beyond what planned Tesla at the beginning of the year.

During a large part of the additional capacity will be aligned in building more model S copies, Tesla the model X, to launch his first crossover SUV (CUV).

Get customers have ordered the model X is expected to start end of 2014, delivery, collection in 2015.

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