Monday, November 25, 2013

Solar Installer provides electric BMW buyers

Solar Installer provides electric BMW buyers
For us sense: an electric car to buy and shop for a home solar unit.

It's just great marketing. Who would be most likely for solar login? Save-the-Earth similar, which bought only a plug in car.

It happens with SolarCity, one of the country largest solar installers and BMW.

If you buy a new BMW i3 electric car or the i8-plug-in larger range car, when it goes on sale, get a discount of 10%, the two companies announced.

"Electric drive a lifestyle where customers like to understand their Fahrgewohnheiten also ride and routes are often find life more effectively influenced,", said Rob Healey, BMW EV infrastructure.

The deal is similar to one earlier this year with Honda and Acura in the a $65 million Fund, create "Honda owner's solar-panel installations to support".

SolarCity currently has systems in 14 States.

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