Saturday, November 30, 2013

Luxury cars are tall riders on Black Friday

Luxury cars are tall riders on Black Friday
Forget you are outside your favorite shop the doors waiting to open, so you can a incredibly much. The real action is on Black Friday this year in the showroom.

Earl Hesterberg, President and CEO of the Group 1 automotive just ask.

"This year there are many more people on Friday," he said. "We are from marketing, advertising and try to make sure that buyers know that we are prepared to be."

During Hesterberg acknowledged that Black Friday rule as a great day for car sale is identified, the Kelley Blue Book isn't estimate that sales will be around 3.6 percent higher than it was last year. That would be an impressive high like Black Friday in the year 2012 sales reach, spurred by a recovery in the East Coast saw after Hurricane Sandy.

"Sales in November are tends to be heavily distorted towards the end of the month because of Black Friday sales events, such as General Motors current supplier promotion and special offers on Ford models, prices, so that [of the month] sales could exceed current expectations, if the available offers are very tempting,", said Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book.

Luxury vacations, the strong roles

Can the biggest sales on Friday the luxury automaker broke all aggressive marketing, holiday specials. Whether it to Lexus with its annual December event remember sale, or BMW, the promotion of its happy new year's Eve event, the luxury automaker are working harder than ever to close the year with strong sales.

"In this November our luxury sales have been stronger than in years," said Hesterberg. "All these brands out there are trying to outdo, and they run their ads much earlier than in the past."

December one of the strongest months of the year for luxury auto sales has been traditionally. One of the reasons is the heavy marketing of upmarket names, how they try, Mercedes-Benz BMW led to the end of the year as the top-selling luxury brand in the United States until October in the race from 5.005 vehicles, according to market research firm Autodata.

Another reason luxury sold usually during the holidays: executives spend their bonuses at the end of the year. But another factor is the explosive growth in new models, the priced under $40,000 this year. The cars have luxury automakers increasingly win shoppers who typically buy a mass-market brand such as Toyota or Ford, Hesterberg said.

"The luxury brands dive down a bit in price, and people will notice," he said.

Strong in the vicinity of November

Wall Street is increasingly the November sales pace be higher than in September and October. The November sales rate to 15.9 million vehicles, with the retail sales are estimated at 13.2 million JPMorgan.

This month the business generate what is?

Experts said that the answer - as it was for most of the year - is the expectation people have older vehicles. The most sought after vehicles in showrooms include pickups and SUVs, which is not surprising given the moderate gas prices.

Hesterberg said that he so many people on Black Friday more traffic in the showroom.

He said "If the weather is nice, people be". "Some will bring their cars maintained, and others only in taking a look around and hopefully buy."

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