Thursday, November 7, 2013

China's BYD says more U.S. employees for California property to rent

SHANGHAI, Nov 4 Reuters)-Warren Buffett-backed Chinese car manufacturer BYD Co Ltd said that it would hire more local employees at the new electric bus factory in California, its latest response to criticism that it violated work rules in the United States.

BYD has temporarily borrowed, some Chinese engineers and experts to Chinese technology in local employees of integrated Los Angeles transfer and no American workers will be displaced, BYD said in a statement on Monday.

BYD plans to another, bus production begins it added to hire local employees. BYD employs approximately 40 local workers in the factory.

Advocacy group Los Angeles Alliance for a new economy said that the carmaker employees pay the required minimum wage have failed, and it accused of human rights violations. The company $100,000 fine after California authorities the fees the New York investigated according to a current report times.

BYD said last week the labour rights group spreading "Misinformation".

In the statement on Monday, BYD said it "dedicates itself to make sure that its employees be treated fairly" and details some of its workers conditions in the factory.

BYD stepped up efforts to sell electric vehicles from abroad. It has this year among others to the U.S. cities of Los Angeles and long beach and to Amsterdam Schiphol airport provide completed several contracts.

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