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Test drive: 'bargain' Mercedes CLA disappointed

Test drive: 'bargain' Mercedes CLA disappointed
WASHINGTON, D.C.--is it really possible to buy a new Mercedes-Benz for less than $30,000? Nö.

The new compact sedan for 2014 CLA is added to shipping costs with the inevitable $925, the heavily subsidized price of $29.900 $31,000 closer. Average transaction price is expected to be $35,000 or so, with the only difference being that the price for an optional sunroof, larger wheels, navigation, and other tech.

M B is cut no corners, cheap to nothing price to beat, the some $5,400 less than its long-standing entry sedan, the c-class is launched (to redesign due next year).

It says that to reduce the production cost efficiency. In particular, the CIA in Hungary is done in addition to M-B-B class small car. CIA case is borrowed from the B car and changed to the sexy limousine service.

This means that CLA is also a front-wheel drive car, the first front-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz in the United States save leased for approx. 80 test hydrogen fuel cell cars on Californians. An all-wheel drive CLA-250 (talk 4Matic in M-B) is early next year.

The B chassis and the car in Hungary could some shoppers cautious do, that CIA is a genuine Mercedes-Benz does not. Certainly lacks the rich feel of other M-B models.

The manufacturer some passed the first built CLA 250 sedans and the high CLA 45 AMG version on sale in November, pixel-stained journalists this week and comments with each other are an indication, you don't read many "no compromise"-article, wishing the company.

Apart from whether it is a full-blooded Mercedes, points are taken into account, whether it is a good car: pleasant overall satisfying to drive, practical and handy to use. It has passed these tests do not.

Impressions, good and bad, simply by two days of driving and CLAs imagination including the AMG version.

• Gorgeous. Striking from every angle. Looks alone should sell a ton of CLAs.

• Back seat. Decent knee and leg room, but the swooping roofline, which looks so good the back door openings shrinks mercilessly and mows from headroom for anyone over 5-foot 6.

M B says that it is a deliberate compromise. It believes mid-30s and younger Gen Y target group will be more thrilled by the styling as aggravated by the rear doors.

• Dynamics. Steering and brake feel first class. The front-wheel drive 250 missing that feel lively, who probably had it, it would be rear-wheel drive. The AMG version has AWD standard, there is a balanced feel.

• More economical. CLA models use modest amounts of premium gasoline, with mileage in the low 30s in mostly highway driving and low 20s crawling in Washington, D.C. stop lung snake dance.

Cumbersome to use • connection options. After the car groped through menus of comand system electronics aggravating Mercedes-Benz finally paired and faithfully maintaining connections, presented a Windows phone and an iPhone.

It was not necessary, that you identify as standard or priority phone. Which phone was making or a call was the one who redirected the car on a hands-free system.

The system was quick to pick up where it left off, without instructions or switch mirror, on which Bluetooth programming, pipes was a phone in when the car was turned off. That is exceptional, in our experience.

• Hard ride. Slams over potholes and tar Strip. The AMG version, even if it was extra sporty chassis, for its horrible. Done, your teeth are chattering and vibrate your speech to only slightly uneven paving.

The CIA-250, which should have been far more comfort, was not. Good on smooth roads, but almost like bun beating as the AMG on the slightest texture.

M B disagrees, saying the suspension tuning is as intended.

• Noise. Unexpectedly in a Mercedes-Benz, tires whined about some concrete, roared over rough asphalt.

Outside the 250 sound activated the motor, unrefined. Inside, it's not so bad. Engine noise in the AMG were masked by his provocative engine sound beautifully.

A switch that lets the driver is optional for the AMG version, how loud to select the exhaust. But a goodie value given if not tested, you are already spending 50% receive up to 100% and more than 250 of the AMG.

• Interior. Many discussions among the car authors of the inner "cheap" or "cheesy." M B says it has heard these comments do not, although the CIA was selling long enough for such feedback overseas.

Some test cars had awkward misfits trim, which says M-B, should not be been and vehicles are not available in the showroom.

Screen for the optional navigation system is, and from the dashboard. It should order an electronic tablet, as to resemble the M-B believes, are loved by Gen Y.

Some journalists found that it seen from cheap, test drive and others liked the look and the function. Mounting it away from the hyphen makes the screen closer with line-of-sight, and put it on in the Interior it against sunlight shading.

The CIA's overall disappointing. Yes, it has a lot of features and stature for the price. And the styling of Nonpareil. But no, it's not quite there in sophistication and premium persona, which are largely what is worthwhile to make a luxury brand.

Mercedes-Benz CLA information What? Small, elegant four door sedan is a new entry-level model in the United States When? Basic CLA 250 FWD sales since Sept. of 20 CLA 250 AWD next spring. High CLA 45 AMG (standard on AWD) in November due. Where? Manufactured in Kecskemét, Hungary, also M-B-B-class small car (sold in the United States) loosely based on the CIA. Why? Low price, stylish model to attract new, younger buyers. It is assumed that they the brand remain faithful, as they grow older. How much? CLA 250 FWD starts at $30.825 including shipping, about $2,600 start less than rival BMW 320i. CLA at $48.375, 45 AMG comes close to $60,000 charged. CLA is 250 AWD not yet price. How big? Slightly greater than before as Mercedes-Benz c-class sedan, BMW 3 series similar to. 3,494 3.264 Kg weighs. Trunk is 16.6 cubic feet. Circle swing, 36.1 ft. It go what is? CLA 250 2-liter turbo four cylinder rated 208 HP at 5,500 rpm, 258 lb-ft at 1,250 RPM. CLA 45 AMG has 2-liter turbo four rated 335 HP at 6,000, 332 lb-ft at 2,250. Both use seven-speed automatic with comfort, sport and manual shift modes, and drivers selected "Eco" setting, triggers the automatic start-stop. How thirsty? CLA 250 FWD rated 26 mpg in the city and 38 on the highway, 30 combined city/highway use. Other models still not rated.

A CIA-250-car registered 31.7 mpg (3.15 liters per 100 kilometers) in 126 miles of slow, hilly, two-lane, higher speed and four lane, and Freeway.

Another CLA 250 test car scored 22 mpg (4.55 GAL / 100 mi.) Stop/go crawling through Washington, D.C. and surrounding area, rose to 32.7 mpg (3.06 GAL / 100 miles) distance was rolled as a motorway.

Total showed the car 29.7 mpg (3.37 GAL / 100 km) for 99-mile trip.

CLA 45 AMG registered 25 mpg (4 GAL / 100 km) in 114 mi. of suburban and highway driving.

CLA 250 tank holds 13.2 GAL. AMG holds 14.8. Both require premium. M B says short-term use of regular will not harm engine but cuts power and mileage.

Overall: Good looking, hard riding, missing the Mercedes-Benz "Empire" feel.

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