Tuesday, October 8, 2013

$1 Million Ferrari owned by "Poor Little Rich girl"

Some of the most expensive cars on the planet while auctions are sold, and the show, which is the low season for well-heeled collector kicks in Amelia Iceland. This small beach community against North Florida is less than 12,000 inhabitants, but on a weekend in March it the Hamptons cheap feel.

Several cars with a famous story crossed the auction blocks in Amelia Iceland this year, but one of our favorites is a lipstick red 1969 Ferrari 365 GTC. This rare supercar was customized for Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, who was known as the "Poor Little Rich girl" and was once married, made with Cary Grant.

This Ferrari is still the original Moroccan plates on cars and Hutton's House in Morocco was delivered. It was sold for more than $1 million in the past March auction.

And that is not even sold at auction of the most expensive car. A millionaire Motorhead spent $4.5 million on a 1935 Duesberg, model SJ Walker at RM auctions.

When the dust from the car buying frenzy set, collectors spent more than $26.8 million to the RM auction and more than 28 million $ at the Gooding & company auction nearly $55 million for the weekend of this year's sales bring.

If you are next year auction would trade, book now better. Filling the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and any other hotel in the city up a year in advance for the event.

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