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Car sales rev up in may, pulled by pickup trucks, luxury cars

Car sales rev up in may, pulled by pickup trucks, luxury cars
2013 Dodge Ram Pickup is seen in Gaithersburg, Maryland, may 1, 2013.

Budget cuts, still sluggish employment growth, nor a mediocre recovery could save Americans the showrooms in may as it boosted sales of pickup trucks and luxury cars for the automakers.

General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Group, all sales for may released.

Leader as its sales increased 14 percent in may, with cars by 9 percent, utilities by 15 percent and truck by 18 percent Ford. Retail sales increased 17 percent, marking the best sales result since 2005 can retail.

"F-series sales - driven by construction growth and catching up to do - their highest achieved in more than six years," said Ken Czubay, Vice President of marketing, United States, Ford Sales and service. The Ford the best month reported also the medium-sized Ford Fusion ever had posting sales 29.553 cars - with its strongest growth in the Western and Southeastern regions of the United States

Ford has surpassed 2013 its previous full-year hybrid sales record in just over the first five months before Latin. The results were by the strength of the product, its new electrified vehicle lineup, including the Ford C-MAX hybrid, Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Fusion hybrid and Ford Fusion Energi, as well as the Lincoln MKZ hybrid powered.

Chrysler 11 percent increase sales in the United States, compared with sales in may 2012 and the Group best may sales since 2007.

While the brands Fiat, Jeep, Dodge and RAM truck each year compared to the previous year sales gains in May compared with the same month before one year RAM truck brand was 24 percent, the largest increase in sales from each brand of the Chrysler Group in May. Chrysler Group expands its strip of the year compared with the previous year sales profits to 38 consecutive months in May.

"Our best may sales in six years us, our sales team strips for 38 consecutive following months of the year compared with the previous year sales profits to increase", said Reid Bigland, head of U.S. sales. "We see continued strong retail sales in our product lineup as eight vehicles of Chrysler Group sales figures in may, including best sales ever by the Jeep Wrangler and compass set."

GM also posted a sales increase of 3 percent overcome some weaknesses in the passenger car side, where the reduced Malibu 36 percent and Impala fell 18 percent.

"Cadillac grows faster than it has in nearly 40 years, the pickup rebound is in full swing and we see strong retail demand for our crossover networks", said Kurt McNeil, Vice President of US sales.

"These are all strong indications that the gradual recovery of the economy is created always wider."

GM sales of trucks by 15 percent compared to a year ago, including an increase of 23 percent for large pickup trucks and 30% for large SUVs, the automaker reported.

The strong sales pace increased also sales of Nissan, a two-digit growth rate a may U.S. sales record with 114.457 deliveries, an increase of 24.7 percent over may 2012 reported.

Jose Munoz, senior Vice President for sales and marketing, Nissan Americas said: "we are in the middle of five brand-new, top-selling Nissan models start in 15 months, and the effort is paying off." Altima, Pathfinder and Sentra, the first three of this starts are a combined 64.6 per cent in may, which shows, that our new products hit the sweet spot of innovation, style and the buyer desired value."

The estimated average transaction price for light vehicles in the United States was another sign of health for the industry, $31.377 in may 2013, $152 (0.5 percent) from last month and $103 (0.3 per cent) year compared to the previous year, according to Kelley Blue Book.

"Modest improvements in the economy, coupled with pent-up demand and world-class product offerings shoppers back to the market bring," said Alec Gutierrez, senior market analyst for the automotive industry insights for Kelley Blue Book. "Rising prices present this marketplace consumers for their next new vehicle return before the summer."

Volkswagen of America, Inc. reported a sales decline of 1.7 percent.

"We saw an uptick in our consumer traffic and rates this month, which allows us to include new records for Jetta and Passat," said Jonathan Browning, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America.

"In month a, where strong growth in the segments of the pickup truck, an area in which we compete not saw the industry, we look forward to seeing us diesel healthy consumer demand for our cars, especially the growing demand for our TDI clean and hybrid line-up."

Can Audi, on the other hand scoring may 2013 take on a turnover of 13.228 vehicles, an increase of 15 percent compared to the previous rate last year. It was the 29th episode record month for the brand.

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