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Recruitment of more than 1,000 on rising demand for F-series truck Ford

Recruitment of more than 1,000 on rising demand for F-series truck Ford
Philip LeBeau, CNBC - 3 days

Ford, facing greater demand for its F-series pickups is a third layer of add and plant in Claycomo, Missouri where the popular F-150 pickup truck is built, said the automaker more than a thousand new employees assembled to set.

This step is part of the Ford add 2,000 jobs and capacity expansion at the site outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

"We are going to intensify operations in Kansas City, we have to ensure to meet enough truck customer demand", said Joe Hinrichs, Ford's America President.

After Ford F-series production in the third quarter ramps is it the Missouri plant for the launch of its new Ford Transit full size-van 2014 prepare.

Pick-up takes demand
While the pace of auto sales in the United States after growing more slowly in the last three years to a double-digit clip, accelerated demand for pick-up trucks.

Owners of small businesses and contractors have begun their work truck partly replace, because the economy, but is also better because the latest pick-ups are more fuel efficient and cost-effective.

F-series sales have increased by 19.1 percent this year while the total car sales in the United States by 6.9 percent.

"The truck segment grows three times faster than the entire industry", said Han. "The housing market is strengthening; "We are see the US economy."

F-series sales rebound (Jan-April):

2007-228,3432008 - 192.951
2009: 110.336
2010: 143.985
2011 172.062
2013 227.873
Source: Autodatarunning capacity
After Ford adds a third shift in Kansas City, there must be two final assembly running plants to near maximum capacity, how to build F-series pickups. Ford is running three shifts, the massive F-series trucks at its plant in Dearborn, Michigan.
Analysts estimate that Ford is now the final assembly plants in North America at 90 percent of their capacity. In many cases, assembly lines run more than 20 hours per day.

It is a big change from the State of Ford's North American operations as CEO Alan Mulally end of 2006 was. At that time, Ford lost billions with too many plants construction too few vehicles.

Between 2007 and 2010 Ford optimised operations by laying off thousands and inefficient plants shut down. 2010 Ford has commissioned 6,500 workers in North America and has upgraded many of its remaining assets. These plants are executed daily to three layers.

Last week booked Ford, most profitable quarter ever for its North American operations earn $2.4-billion.

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