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Ralph Lauren splurge with $700 K supercar

Ralph Lauren splurge with $700 K supercar
Ralph Lauren reputation cars is not only a high-end Porsche. It is rebuilt from the ground up.

What to buy for the car collector who has everything?

Apparently a call CTR 3.

Ralph was familiar with the deal CTR 3 Lauren, the fashion mogul and classic car collector, before recently a reputation, after people. Lauren was the car Parazzi, taking it for a spin in the Hamptons recently torn.

A spokesman for Lauren declined comment.

For the super rich car collectors heard the call of this cult brand with a storied past and a reputation for high performance. Germany-based reputation is automobile 50 years Porsche changed, pimping them out with a turbo charged flat six-cylinder engine and bulking the frames with his own wings, fenders and vents.

The CTR-3 has a low price of $680,000 but most of top $700,000 with customer-specific information. This is not just a souped-up Porsche; the CTR 3 builds from scratch more. Only the front end and engine part is from a Porsche 911.

His swooping body with long, is made from carbon fiber tail Le Mans-style. The car has a 777-Horsepower engine and can according to the company "go faster than anyone can drive."

REPUTATION has sold three of its CTR-3 fatty acids in the United States, but has sold only 25, since the product was launched in 2007 in life. REPUTATION has other models, of course, but only makes and sells about 30 to 35 cars per year.

"Our customers appreciate the performance of these cars, it's like a real racing car" Estonia reputation reputation said automobile. "For people who like history, race, this car has lines, to awaken the past, but there are also elements of a new model. It's not retro. But the lines are very nice."

The perfect new car, that is to say, for a man who already had a garage full of Vintage Ferraris and Bugattis.

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