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Nissan, Honda, referring to a slew of vehicles

Nissan, Honda, referring to a slew of vehicles
Michael strong, the Detroit Bureau - 2 days

Nissan Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co. announced recalls for the second time this month, as quality problems continue to some Japanese automakers plagues. Nissan is more than 123.300 2013 Recalling altimas, while Honda doing the same with 2012 and 2013 fit sport. Is for Honda it the fourth recall this year.

This latest recall is the second time this month Nissan and callbacks have issued Honda, despite the previous announcement because of a problem in connection with the supplier. Toyota and Mazda joined the two makers produced 3.4 million vehicles for faulty airbag systems by TAKATA Corp., because she might catch fire or accidentally blow up injured passengers remember.

Due to a design in the propellant for the inflator, it can incorrectly blow airbag for the front passenger seat. The systems were manufactured at Takatas factory in Mexico.

Now fix Nissan altimas a problem with the air pressure on the vehicle spare wheel see note on. The tires can--or been under inflated and as a result, the tyres without warning could scheitern. Dealers will check the tyres and the required air pressure adjustment.

The manufacturer makes the equipment, since then replaced at its assembly plant in Canton, Miss. for the problem was responsible. Owners will be contacted in May 3 or customer contact Nissan at 800-647-726.

More than 43,700 Honda fit sport have recalled due to problems with the vehicle's electronic stability control (ESC). The company said excessive greed "may" allow the units to the affected vehicles rates at high steering angle with certain tires, which can increase the risk of a crash.

Honda dealer handles the software update and make the fixes may begin. Owners may contact Honda at 800-999-1009.

In March, Honda due to potential brake problems reminded world's 250,000 vehicles. More than 180,000 of the involved vehicles this recall were sold Honda and its Acura luxury arm in the United States through the flagship.

In January ordered the Japanese manufacturer of the recall of 748.000 pilot crossover and Odyssey minivans not properly deploy due to missing rivets, the airbags could cause in an accident. This figure covers the U.S. market with an another 29,000 vehicles recalled in Canada.

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