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Electric car manufacturer Tesla $465 M federal loan pay off

Electric car manufacturer Tesla $465 M federal loan pay off
Michael strong Detroit Bureau may 21, 2013 at 12:31 PM ET
A Tesla model S electric sedan in the vicinity of the company's factory in Fremont, California, in June this year file photo. Tesla says it is ready, billions of dollars of federal pay half loan.

Electric car maker Tesla Motors to shifted a good place: CEO Elon Musk intends the potential $1 billion of a new stock, $465 million in Department of energy offer of the manufacturer's pay off loan - and would help to pay that grow the California car manufacturer for other products.

Musk used tweets to signal its plans, has hinted that he will tomorrow officially announce the disbursement of loans. Tesla considerable interest costs such a movement that nine years earlier than planned, was next, get even as taxpayers, such as a $12 million profit. That would bring the Obama administration a rare success in highly controversial Department of energy-loan-program.

"Govt credit redemption this week given (prob MI), compressor update will be next week," musk tweeted.

Tesla U-turn recently, offer announcement of plans for a new stock, which originally was expected to generate about $800 million in cash. But when the Palo Alto-based company on a share stocks rose from around $34 more than $92 since March, Tesla plans to increase the size of the offer to 30 per cent, or more than $1 billion.

As for other projects, after paying off the Energy Department loans: A model X crossover, in 2014, the current model S sedan to accompany. Musk has long promised to introduce a smaller, less expensive vehicle that could substantially increase Tesla sales through targeted a more mainstream market. But musk has also suggested that other options that perhaps an electric pickup truck.

Tesla's upcoming has offer follows a series of successes for the company. The model S received recently one of the highest ratings ever by consumer reports magazine, 99 out of a possible 100 points.

That is expected to give more dynamics, to sales, which already provide helping Tesla's original expectations - the first exceeded a profit of quarter of - Tesla ever - from $11.2 million on revenues of $561,8 million.

Sales could grow significantly musk has pointed out, with the introduction of sales in Europe and Asia in the third quarter of this year - and then with the addition of the model x on the right track to debut in the last quarter of 2014.

Musk has made when you consider the General skepticism about battery power always rebuild no small thing, Twitter and other social networks drive announcement a variety of movements, which aimed, customer loyalty and trust.

Under the recent moves: A hybrid loan / lease program allows buyers, their Tesla vehicles for a guaranteed value return and a no-fault warranty program for the model S battery pack.

In spite of musk unchecked optimism there were skeptics, perhaps for good reason, given the problems the facing the nascent battery car market.

Two other California start-ups have collapsed in recent weeks. CODA filed for Chapter 11 protection and senior company officials suggested during the Congressional hearings can tighten this spring, Fisker Automotive. Despite drawing $192 million below a larger loan from the Department of energy, has sold only around 2,500 Karma plug-in Fisker hybrid. The company has no money left, hoped to stop more mainstream model, development of the second, his record would buoy.

Fisker of impending breakdown-it has already three quarters of employees entlassen-- spotlight on Energy Department compiled program loans, the high-mileage vehicles should contribute to the promotion of low-emission,. There are several other known bugs, including the bankruptcy of lithium-ion battery supplier A123. But the White House is likely to have on Tesla's early payback as a counterpoint, a much-needed success story added.

Paul A. Eisenstein contributed to this report.

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