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Chrysler sales up 11 percent in April

Chrysler sales up 11 percent in April
NBC News staff and wire reports - 23: 00.

Big three automakers Detroit sales higher last month amid rising demand for larger vehicles such as SUVs and pickups.

Strong demand for the RAM pickup helped drive Chrysler sales growth of 11 percent last month, as the company its best April, six years booked. General Motors co. US sales rose by 11 percent in April for the continuation of the demand for pickup trucks and small cars. And Ford Motor Co. said U.S. sales rose 18 percent in April thanks to great demand for the redesigned SUV to escape.

The increase is another sign that Americans continue to cars and trucks despite high unemployment and mixed economic signals to buy.

Among the Japanese manufacturers, said Toyota 1.1 percent sales April, slid is missing the expectations of analysts. Nissan sales rose by 23 percent.

But U.S. automakers a pioneering role in April sales.

Chrysler said that it sold 156.698 cars and trucks last month under the leadership of RAM pickup with a turnover of 31.409. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV busy also strong numbers, sales by 27 percent to just over 15.000. Dodge brand sales rose 18 percent, posting the best month ever with a turnover of nearly 8,100 DART-subcompact. But the brand of Chrysler vehicles fought in April with sales falling 13 percent.

TRUCK and SUV sales helped the Chrysler its big boost the post. The company truck sales rose 14 percent, while car sales increased only 5 percent.

Chrysler predicted that US sales volume are taken an annual rate of 15.4 million in April. This is a little higher than most analysts predict. It is the sixth straight month of work sales over a 15 million annual pace.

The Ford Escape sales 52 percent to almost 26,000. It was the best April for the flight, since the vehicle went on sale first 13 years ago.

Ford's luxury Lincoln brand showed also signs for a turnaround after years of declining sales. Sale of new Lincoln MKZ sedan, which reached many U.S. showrooms in April, doubles more than compared to the previous year. Lincoln sales rose 21 percent for the month.

The Ford F-series pickup truck, the best-selling vehicle in the United States rose 24 percent over last April with growing demand from private builders and other companies. Ford sold more than 59,000 F-series-pickups in the United States last month.

GM Chevrolet Silverado full size pickup sales rose 28 percent more than 39.000 truck sales were strong throughout the year on increasing demand from home builders and other businesses.

GM saw even double-digit growth for its small cars, including the Buick Verano, the Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Sonic.

All GM saw higher sales than in the last April four brands. Cadillac sales rose 34 percent to hit the market, while Buick and Chevrolet were both 11 per cent as the new ATS and XTS.

Blocking an unexpected event which causes, a real estate price that reduce or soaring job losses, there is little to stop sales grow in the next years other industry analysts say.

"I don't see major obstacles on the horizon," said Alec Gutierrez, a senior market analyst at Kelley Blue Book. "I see no step back, we provided the unemployment rate holds at least stable."

Unemployment in the United States is unchanged high 7.6 percent, however, which has slowed down clearly still not auto sales.

Apart from unemployment, almost every factor that affects car and truck sales is positive. The interest rates are low--the average four-year loan on a new car is 2.4 percent, according to Credit is available everywhere, even for those with low levels. Used car values are high, so that car buyers can get good money if they trade in their old cars. Leasing offers are good. Gas prices have fallen since February.

In addition is home building on the rise by 7 per cent from February to March. This means usually better sales of large pickup trucks as companies and workers back to the market. Kelley Blue Book expects large pickup sales to more than 26 percent in April to rise compared to a year ago.

Many businesses and consumers need to replace older trucks and cars. The average age of a US vehicle is 11.2 years. In addition, automakers have rolled out dozens of exciting new models last year drawing buyers into showrooms.

"Relatively low gas prices coupled with small business demand improvement for truck a strong result for small and large pickups in April led", said Jesse Toprak, senior analyst for pricing website car.

A category that is growing is small crossover SUV. Sales rise, expected 22.5 percent to Kelley Blue Book. Fuel-efficient models like the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V and the Mazda CX-5 driving sales rise, Gutierrez said.

Kelley Blue book estimates, the car prices slightly in the opposite fell April to an average of $31.326 a year ago.

Though the year is to strong for auto sales, Gutierrez said not to expect the double-digit growth rates of the past two years. He expects U.S. auto sales to the end of the year around 15.3 million cars and trucks, up 5.5 percent from last year's 14.5 million.

The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

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