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Gas prices fall to $ per gallon in some markets

Gas prices fall to $ per gallon in some markets
Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau - 5 days

If the wallet is still injured from the painfully high fuel prices is experiencing much of the country over the winter there is also good news the next time you head to the pump.

The average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline regular has only $3.58, a three cent jump since late last week, dipped 15 cents from a month ago, and 36 cents from what the typical American motorists spent this time in 2012.

This is a sharp turnaround from February saw gas increase as some States too close or all-time records, especially along the West Coast.

Buyer to pay even an average $4,359 in Hawaii and $4,027 in Washington, D.C., but California is $4 $3,998, again under the brand, according to, a tracking service fuel price. And it is up to $3,286 in Montana - where motorists only $3,261 in Billings figures.

Some reports point out that the price is below the $3-brand in a few rocky mountain communities in the vicinity of large refineries declined. And GasBuddy is still "other markets" are you under this breakpoint diving in the coming days.

While crude oil prices some gains early Monday, trading, crude oil futures in decline for several weeks been in. An important reason, reports the Federal Energy Information Administration, that the country's reserves are now at a 22-year peak.

The United States were ramping up oil production for several years, quickly and should become actually a larger producer than Saudi Arabia and other OPEC suppliers by mid decade. You do not necessarily reflected in lower prices, as crude oil as a global commodity is traded. Despite concerns over Mideast instability--in particular the decline in production in the war-torn Syria - it seems but a good deal, if no oversupply of black gold will be available now worldwide.

According to Tom Kloza, Chief Analyst at the oil price information service, a sharp increase of fuel prices around the world would provoke probably only a large "disturbance in the Mideast".

This means that analysts warn that Americans do not become complacent. Further, try traders to push up the price of crude oil. And as US motorists were seeing regional tips are becoming more common. Follow the changeover from summer to winter can mixtures to reduce the regional air pollution problems fuel pump. Result can also be maintenance and other issues, such as those that large swaths of the Midwest and Pacific Coast last year affected.

Even in areas where prices are today top, the national hit parade numbers significantly down from last year's level - at the California at $4.28 per gallon, for example was.

Meanwhile, the sudden drop in gas prices can a shift in the U.S. market for new cars, fueling. Sales of pickups, in particular increased in March and car sold light trucks move overall, despite of the recent trends in the opposite direction.

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