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Ford focus is the world's best-selling car

Ford focus is the world's best-selling car
Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau - 4 days

Ford apparently will increasingly pay the focus on global small car. Make that the Ford focus overall, was the world's best-selling car last year according to new data from r.l. Polk & company.

The Detroit, the compact model of the manufacturer's more than 1 million sales last year rang, took nearly 17 percent more volume than Toyota for its traditional sales leader, the compact model Corolla. Ford has also the other extreme, its full-size F series pickup, which list come together in the third quarter global sales get. All in all landed Ford three different models in the top 10, including the sixth Fiesta subcompact.

Toyota and Honda had two models in the diagram each Polk, while Volkswagen and General brand one had Motors Chevrolet each. But the top 10 list probably for most Westerners not recognizable containing a new name: China's Wuling Zhiguang the 768.870 revenue generated landing directly behind the F-series in fourth place.

"Focus and Fiesta are the culmination of our global product strategy by a Ford," said Jim Farley, Ford executive Vice President for global marketing, sales and service and the Director of the Lincoln brand.

During focus, a jump of 40 percent of demand in the United States saw last year Ford's focus helped late surge in China rise to the top of the sales charts last year with sales of 1.020.410. It was only on sale in the today's largest automotive market in the world in March 2012. However, that 300,000 of the Ford bought market compressed last year - where is it sold in both the current version and previous generation model known as the focus of "Classic".

I am looking forward to Ford's aggressive expansion plans in China, said Farley, "With additional production capacity added in the last year, we have an enormous opportunity now on our global small car sales in the year 2013, with sales off to a very strong start already strengthen."

Toyota's second place, with sales of 872.774, yet the power of its model corolla, especially since it's for a complete redesign this year underlines set. A prototype called the Furia was in January at the Detroit Auto show presented and Toyota officials recently indicated that the version prior to the Los Angeles Auto show will be introduced in autumn next year.

The fact the the Ford F-series only came third could surprise some Americans in the face of his continued strength in the United States, where it has for decades routinely heads the sales charts as the top-selling truck and overall best-selling vehicle. But the United States was responsible for the vast majority of full-size pickup volume of 785.630 in the past year.

A real outstanding sales is the F-series Polk top 10 chart for only classic truck on the list. In fact, the vast majority of the top-selling products minis and compact cars with the Toyota Camry seat are fifth the only medium-sized range.

What the Wuling Zhiguang is a pintsized people mover barely the size of some of the sedans and hatchbacks in the top 10 charts. Wuling is part of a joint venture between General Motors and its Chinese partner SAIC, based in Shanghai. '

Here is the full top 10 list:

Ford focus - 1.020, 410Toyota Corolla - 872, 774Ford F-series - 785, 630Wuling Zhiguang - 768, 870Toyota Camry - 729, 793Ford Fiesta - 723, 130VW Golf - 699, 148Chevrolet Cruze - 661, 325Honda civil - 651, 159Honda CR-V - 624.982
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