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Fisker founder Henrik Fisker calls that ended it

Fisker founder Henrik Fisker calls that ended it
Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau - 1 day

With his eponymous battery car company faced increasing turmoil as it fights a trouble of survival start and increasing financial difficulties, Henrik Fisker is executive Chairman of California resigned Fisker Automotive.

In a brief statement, the small car manufacturer cited the Executive "several major disagreements" with the members of the Executive Board on its current business strategy. It is unclear, whether the reported plans points to find a partner, and possibly to sell a majority stake in the company to one of the several Chinese auto manufacturers, the connection to the company Fisker.

After retiring from tender, Fisker sent a note to a small group of media, including, in which he said that effective immediately he "Fisker Automotive as Executive Chairman resigned is and has left the company." Are the main reasons for (my) resignation several big differences of opinion... with Fisker Automotive management to the business strategy."

The Executive was not immediately for follow-up questions.

As already reported here Fisker Automotive has fought to the necessary capital to both generate keep business running and the development of the company is finished second, and perhaps most important model of mid-range plug-in hybrid Atlantic Fisker, for the first time shown to the media before last year's New York Auto show.

Fisker Automotive distribution the most one decided in a financial crunch since the Department of energy, previously negotiated Federal Republic of $529 million loan to block. That left hundreds of millions of dollars less than it required to terminate development of the Atlantic, the manufacturer.

Complicate was the slow ramp-up of production and sale of its original product, the Fisker karma. Production of this plug-in on ice for months was due to various problems. The Karma was also the subject of several recalls.

Has the founder of the company spearheaded efforts to raise new capital, but investors have pressed for new management at the everyday level. Last year reported to Tony Posawatz, the former General Motors executive behind the Chevrolet Volt as Fisker's CEO.

Posawatz said negotiations with potential partners. Where exactly such talks could go was a big speculation. Some have pointed out to a potential strategic partnership with several Chinese automakers. Also, there was talk of selling a majority stake, perhaps even the entire company to Zheijangg Geely, the Chinese company that owns Swedish automaker Volvo.

Ford, a former BMW and Aston Martin Designer, Danish-American Henrik Fisker his battery car 2007 companies with long-time business partner Bernhard Koehler.

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