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A different kind of standstill handles D.C.: hellish traffic

A different kind of standstill handles D.C.: hellish traffic
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Commuters move slowly in heavy traffic on a highway in Los Angeles in 2011. California among the States with the highest percentage of people who commute an hour or more.

The jokes about Washington, D.C. normally refer to policy deadlock, but she could also talk about the traffic.

A new Government report finds that more than a quarter of the people who are working in the Washington, D.C. an hour or more each way to work commute.

District of Columbia has the highest rate of workers with long commutes, but it is not so unusual that Americans commute for hours every day.

Overall, a report of the Census Bureau released Tuesday, found that 8.1 percent of American workers 60 minutes or longer getting any way to work issued in 2011. This is a little more than double the average travel time for commuters that 2011 was 25.5 minutes.

The good news is that the people with the longest commutes much rather use public transportation. The bad news is that most of them were still alone in her car.

The census report finds that 23 percent of workers with comparing times of 60 minutes or more public transport, with only 3.7 percent of workers with shorter commutes here were.

Nevertheless, 61.1 percent workers with ran times of 60 minutes or more alone. That set back compared with 81.5 percent of workers with less than 60 minutes. The rest were carpooling or with other means of transport.

The majority of people who commute to Washington, D.C. are from other countries, and it is not uncommon that people with long commutes to go where they work from a State to a different place of residence.

Here is a list of the States with the highest percentage of workers in that State, and are an hour or longer commute to work.

10 Georgia: 9.1 %
9 Virginia: 9.4 %
8 California: 10.1 %
7. New Jersey: 11.1 %
6. Illinois: 11.3 %
5. Massachusetts: 11.7 %
4. Maryland: 11.8 %
3. Puerto Rico: 13.9 %
2. New York: 18.2 %
1. Washington, D.C.: 27.4 %

Hate commute? Might want to consider moving to Nebraska, which had the lowest percentage of long commuter, or your boss asked whether you can work from home

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