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VW expanded portfolio, while other manufacturers cut

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau - 3 days

Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne have Alfa Romeo outside put the range of the Volkswagen Group for now, but there is a good reason to believe that VW looking for a thirteenth and possibly even a 14th, brand the large and diverse stable of name badges, according to industry observers Add.

While many manufacturers - notably General Motors and Ford - back on their brand portfolios cut Chairman Ferdinand Piech has expanded aggressively by German manufacturer brand count Volkswagen AG. VW last year finally completed the takeover of the Porsche brand number 12 - and Piech has continues to say he wants Alfa, despite Marchionnes protest Geschrei.

Piech said in an interview with German monthly magazine ADAC Motorwelt, that his children will drive 10 years one of the automaker of "at least 13 brands." VW representatives declined comment.

The Wolfsburg, Germany-based automaker now enough job on his hands has leads the divisions that he already has, said CEO Martin Winterkorn in August. VW has eight car car nameplates, a light commercial vehicle unit, two heavy-truck maker and a motorbike brand Ducati a year ago have acquired.

Piech, seemed but unimpressed by such challenges if he yet to explain what other brands he wants - or how he expects to get them.

But VW Insider familiar with the operations of the company, not identified, suggested there are a couple of ways.

For starters, VW under the pressure from the Chinese authorities is to create a new brand in China. The Chinese want distinctive Western and Asian car manufacturers operating in the booming nation to establish Chinese brands should at least appeal to customers in smaller towns and rural areas.

That led General Motors the Baojun brand with its Chinese partners SAIC and Wuling Motors 2011 created, while Nissan and its Chinese allies recently introduced the Venucia brand.

VW, which dominate vies with GM on the Chinese market, supervisory authorities has so far resisted demands, but it appears to move closer to adding a new brand in China. Not only VW Chinese authorities happy to keep, that can add a second brand wants to be driven by emergency. The current brands VW and Skoda, are not in position, where they appeal to a wider section of the Chinese consumer prices can reduce.

Bring on a new brand with vehicles, at a cost of under $9,000 or $10,000 actually makes sense, as the Chinese market continues to develop, according to a knowledgeable VW officials not be identified.

There are still other possibilities that could set VW brand tally.

The German manufacturer has a longstanding relationship with protons, an independent car manufacturer based in Malaysia, which has a strong presence in future markets in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia. The Administration, which is always more expensive to develop Proton, the new vehicles, it could decide that it makes more sense to join the VW Group, which, has enough resources to pay for such programs.

In fact, if VW could acquire it Proton a 2-for-1 trade mark deal the Malaysians get as British sports car manufacturer Lotus-, the depth of some bags could use work, promote a private, sophisticated product.

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