Monday, January 21, 2013

GM predicts profit growth modestly in the year 2013.

GM predicts profit growth modestly in the year 2013.

The associated press, staff

General Motors expects only a modest increase in pre-tax profit this year as it rolls out several new cars and trucks worldwide.

The company thinks also, that modest grow global auto sales this year European car sales will fall worn by the United States and China, while.

The company told analysts at a German bank industry conference in Detroit Tuesday that the pre-tax profit margin in North America should rise in the next three or four years by 8 to 10 per cent. Profit margin is a measure of how much the company earns after costs of doing business.

GM began the presentation at the Conference, after the stock markets closed. Its shares fell $30,36 after hours trading 24 cents.

The automaker posted net income in the first nine months of last year, including almost 1.5 billion $ in the third quarter nearly 4 billion $. By FactSet surveyed analysts expect $5.35 billion net profit or 3.24 GM $ per share, when it posts the result in a couple of weeks in 2012. EBIT is expected to be $6.58 billion.

Chief Financial Officer Dan Ammann said before the Conference that GM at any time in the history of the company, is more new vehicles worldwide as roles for the two largest markets, the United States and China. GM started its last round of new products in the past year. 70 Per cent of global products update planned end of 2013.

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