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Detroit Auto show the cool design, high-tech highlight

Detroit Auto show the cool design, high-tech highlight

Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News contribution

Detroit is your goal not typical winter - but you might have problems, get a flight in the Motor City, or set up downtown a hotel room somewhere nearby in the next few days. More than 10,000 journalists and media are likely to automotive to flood the engine for the annual Detroit show in the city.

Formally known as the North American international show 2013 car, the annual meeting is one of most important and closely observed the industry event, and viewed with good reason. According to the sponsors, even to a media grilling undergo as many as 60 new cars, trucks, concepts and transitions many of the top leaders of the industry are revealed in the coming days, which could reveal automotive trends and strategies for the rest of the Decade.

"The market is more competitive than ever, and this is a show that will give us a good insight in how the industry changed," explains Rod Alberts, executive Director of the Detroit Automobile Dealers Association, organizer of the show.

Ford, is now rumored prepared a sneak peek at its upcoming truck F-series, in the hope that a little steam from the Silverado take "reveal". While the second largest of the domestic manufacturers confirm this speculation will not recognize plans to show, MKC, a compact crossover, which decisively for the long-term viability of its Lincoln luxury brand could be.As one might expect, domestic manufacturers have Chevrolet Corvette - C7 Insider and expert - much revelation to show and tell during the NAIAS Media days eagerly awaited the 2014 on Sunday night. Chevy delivers also the first public demonstration of its new Pickup Silverado.

Such as the replacement for the compact compass and Patriot models, as well as an update of the popular Grand Cherokee has an assortment of products from the barrel, including an array of Jeep, Chrysler, now.

The fact that it is the larger Jeep flagship optimizations underscores one of the major trends transformation in the automotive industry. Over the past decades could makers anywhere from five to eight years before significant changes to the typical model gone. The competition is so fierce, industry analysts, who has a strong-selling product even as the Grand Cherokee have frequent updates to emphasize.

And while design changes still are, more and more talk about what decision makers at a car show as Detroit focuses on the technology. Some of the most important messages will make the industry this month, are not announced in fact in Detroit, but rather in Las Vegas, on the consumer electronics show, where automakers showed her more than a dozen latest infotainment systems and even a few prototypes of autonomous vehicles that can control largely on their own.

"Our focus is to improve the driving experience" technology, which can also be the security increase, explains Julius Marchwicki, senior manager at Ford's sync Infotainment System.

Detroit Cobo Center may be less than half a mile from General Motors Renaissance Center Central, NAIAS worked hard organizers to make sure that it remains a truly global car show, as there we assume the designation "International" twenty years ago.

In fact, the most important debut this year was the introduction of two new Japanese luxury brands, Toyota Lexus and Nissan Infiniti. And both will be back and hope to make important news this year. The former brand show its redesigned entry-Lux sedan, the 2014 Lexus IS and Infiniti not only roll out the replacement for the G-Series Sedan, but a completely new alphanumeric naming strategy 2014 model known as to introduce the new G50 buyer.

Industry watchers say that big auto shows like Detroit a direct impact on the potential buyers near and far have. And with the U.S. auto industry is finally recovering after the worst depression, which has suffered in more than half a century, a Flash of the new product could provide consulting some welcome momentum, according to Joe Phillippi, AutoTrends.

Of course, this is something the car shows targeted have to deliver, because the first one was held in New York City more than a century ago. At that time the map-goers received a variety of Powertrain options, about a third of the vehicles on display, powered by steam, a third of batteries and the rest by gasoline. The abundance of oil eventually led gas makes dominated, but as the NAIAS will make 2013 clearly, things are in the air again.

There will be many alternative models, the debut, including the Cadillac ELR, the luxury spin-off of the more mainstream Chevrolet Volt plug-in. Meanwhile, Nissan plans to pull the covers from his resonance concept, a crossover hybrid powered.

The response shows a more significant trend that you can spot in Detroit's Cobo Center next week. Since the legendary General Motors design, that Chief Harley Earl Buick Y-job - General as the first real show car hand - 1938 concept vehicles are an integral part of the fascination of the map become car.

Longtime Showgoers is probably some of the wild and crazy concept cars of the past, which recall former Ford Design Director, who like to call Jack Telnack "Fantasies in chrome."

These days, however, weakened the fantasies and become much more a case of "you get, what you see." Although the competition is harder more likely than ever automakers, are to concept cars as a way to signal, what really matters - and measure the public's reaction.

The Nissan response will disappear for one, with relatively minor changes in 2014 as the next generation Murano CUV.

A challenge for the organizers of the big auto shows like the NAIAS is to keep them relevant. Detroit event now includes a special restricted access Assembly called the Gallery, where some of the most exclusive products, such as the new Bentley Continental GT speed display provided.

The 1-day Gala is AmEx Centurion - or "black card" - and Platinum customers and a select group of other invitees is limited, "People who can afford easily buy everything on display," according to the DADA ash Caza.

Another important addition which show Detroit is the latest battery cars and plug-in hybrids for 2013 the map audience the opportunity to test drive back. But given the extreme weather possible for mid-January in Detroit, organizers have found a new way to the worst mother to circumvent nature could deliver, that the test drives in the massive basement of Cobo Center.

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