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Chicken entrails, lard is Mazda's cars fuel pump

Chicken entrails, lard is Mazda's cars fuel pump

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau

Mazda hopes take a tankful of chicken courage, beef tallow and pork lard to the victory in the grueling Rolex 24 race at Daytona this weekend.

No, not the manufacturer of the local butcher is sponsored. It is switched off its new Mazda6 cars with a customized fuel mix, which starts with shreds of Tyson Foods. This organic Glop was converted into a special bio-fuel, which clean will stir up diesel engine the new SkyActiv D this will to the makes Mazda entry in the new Grand am-GX class at the 24-hour race.

"It's meat packing residue," explains John Doonan, Director of Mazda's ambitious Motorsports operation. And the ultimate mix in other diesel-powered race car so clean, the Mazda6 used cars particulate filter or one of the other devices, not required.

Mazda is not the only manufacturer that has changed the power the diesel on the way from petrol or ethanol. Audi has the race track in Le Mans Endurance for much in the past decade in fact, dominated with a number of drivers, which routinely let competitors struggling to keep.

That has helped the spotlight on the German manufacturer's focus on diesel technology, is to put it on the road. At the Los Angeles Auto Show announced in November last year of the producer that it would add soon four new diesel models to its US-line-up.

European car buyers are aware of benefits of diesel - fuel consumption and far more power than gas-electric powertrains, it delivers close to hybrid levels. Are Americans, but just absorb. It is so Mazda, which must now to convey the message as it prepares to introduce an own new diesel engine to the US market.

In fact, started the engine, which will turn on the Mazda6 at the Daytona track is as one of the first production of the diesel of the manufacturers back in Japan last year mounted.

The new Mazda6 SkyActiv-D racing cars have to fill some big tire tracks, RX-8 success model of the manufacturer replaced. Mazda is also two new teams, starting with the 2013 Rolex 24 hours of Daytona field. It loses its two previous teams, including Dempsey racing, which was owned by actor and Motorsport fanatic Patrick Dempsey.The manufacturer his racing team, said Doonan, "to use as many production components as possible. The only things we have changed are the crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods." And with good reason considering the track-tuned SkyActiv D churning will be from 400 HP and 450 lb-ft of torque--make double what a road-registered 2014 diesel-powered Mazda6 will be when it goes on sale this year.

It is a risky, to start a new car with drivers and new teams, but Mazda is hoping it will pay off and back the brand to the fore this year.

The manufacturer has many changes are everywhere, you are looking for. It has largely wound is and is a decades-long relationship with Ford Motor Co. and ceased producing the Mazda6 in a work that the two makers in Detroit suburb operated jointly.

Mazda, has established several new - if more limited - alliances with Toyota and Fiat. The Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo Department plans to work with Mazda a new sports car to develop, both companies can sell. Mazda, Ford it serves as a replacement for its aging Miata 2-seater. Meanwhile, Toyota, will be based as a replacement for its Yaris subcompact Mazda3 platform. And some of the new models produce Mazda for Toyota from a plant that is currently set it in Mexico.

More alliances could follow according to Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi. That might help to reduce the small Japanese automaker hefty costs of developing new products. Not that Mazda is waiting to help. It has a range of new models, as CX-5 roles was the highly acclaimed crossover.

It has introduced a new concept, GER. SkyActiv that she claimed hybrid can compete products with the performance of rivals. At its heart, SkyActiv is a new concept for power train technology, but it means also the steps for improving the overall efficiency of the manufacturer's vehicles, up on the search for ways to reduce the weight of the Lugnuts on the wheels of the new Mazda6 Mazda engineers take a.

The brand new version of the sedan will be with both the new SkyActiv petrol and diesel drives offered.

Unfortunately they will have for those who could opt for the SkyActiv D, probably a hard time used Mazda at the circuit to find the synthetic diesel. The renewable mix was developed by dynamic fuels a 50/50 joint venture by Tyson Foods and Syntroleum, and there is a $150 million refinery near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, opened two years ago.

Why Tyson? Because the manufacturer had ways to find, over 1.5 million pounds of chicken, pork and beef products have every day. Now it can avoid the cost of dumping, offal and potential some money from him. The refinery produces annually about 75 million litres of synthetic diesel and ramp up could offer even more.

A number of refineries work come with bio-fuels. Ethanol blends are the most readily available. You have been controversial, because so far most stocks have used foods like corn - although so-called cellulose newer production methods to create the alcohol fuel from waste.

Many of the new bio-diesel use blends waste products - although a number of petrol stations in the vicinity of San Francisco offers created recently started a mixture of algae.

Dynamic fuels ultimately hopes to begin selling some of its synthetic fuel for the public and for a $5, a price tag turning Mazda's U.S. CEO Jim O'Sullivan gallon notes.

Some shuttle buses from Alamo and national car rental are operated already test on the road. And the United States Navy uses the bio-diesel mixture on some of his ships.

Those who buy the new Mazda6 with SkyActiv D must settle for conventional, petroleum-based diesel fuel. But the manufacturer hopes that with a 14.5 gallon tank distilled courage Department will dominate under its hood, the Mazda6 cars, when the flag at Daytona on Saturday.

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