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Cadillac ATS named car of the year at the auto show

Cadillac ATS named car of the year at the auto show

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau

Detroit manufacturer dominates as the Detroit show 2013 opened car with the annual North American International Auto and truck of the year awards.

Cadillac claimed that introduced the coveted car of the year, with its new 2013 ATS compact luxury sedan. The new RAM was honored in the category of truck/utility 1500 pickup.

"I need someone who come up here and pinch myself to make sure that really happened," said Fred Diaz, CEO of the RAM, as he climbed the stage to collect the trophy. The price was all the sweeter, he proclaimed, this parent Chrysler was considering bankruptcy and written way dead, many, just a few years ago.

But the same could be said for General Motors, which, like Chrysler, Chapter 11 mid-2009 only with the help of a rescue operation emerged from, to produce the still controversial. That GM officials said, that is why it is so important, third-party endorsements for vehicles such as the ATS.

"When you consider that Cadillac endeavour, even as the restore standard of the world, this is an important moment," explains Dave Leone, Chief Engineer of the ATS project.

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This is the first time in the 20 years of the voted that Cadillac has won, even though it was already nominated. RAM won once, before for the collection of 1500 - or more precisely, the truck took honors for the Dodge Division before RAM abgespaltenen independently.

The truck failed two crossovers in the first year the category officially both conventional trucks and commercial vehicles, the Mazda CX-5 and the Ford C-Max contain.

The car had against the Ford Fusion and Honda Accord squared CTS out.

A total of 49 judges from the United States and Canada increased the potential bias in the polls - a group, covering a wide range of voices, avoid other prices face. (Full disclosure, Publisher Paul A. Eisenstein is member of the jury of voted.)

More than 50 different vehicles Board, a list as part of the process were initially at the voted, that contain back slowly trimmed a grueling shootout between the competitors in the appropriately named hell, Michigan.

Over the years, Detroit manufacturer 11 taken car of the year award, with Japanese makers to win three, two Europeans and Koreans twice.

On the side of the truck domestic workers have won 13 times, from today Japanese makers four times and Europeans have captured three awards.

Bear in mind that placed in the voted awards, industry observers expect strong Cadillac and RAM their victories in their marketing campaigns promote the credibility to start almost immediately.

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