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Truckin' even in this economy is staying America '

Truckin' even in this economy is staying America '

Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News contribution
TRUCK buyers could this year for a gift from General Motors in be. The manufacturer offers incentives for less than $9,000 on some of its full-sized pickups in this month in the hope to clear a massive backlog of Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierra on many traders.

"The oldest trucks out there, we have" which means that they need to remain competitive the biggest Givebacks acknowledged Mark Reuss, President of GM North American operations.

But GM is not alone. Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and Toyota have all ramped up Givebacks on their pickups in the last few months - and made the deals even sweeter when you consider that today in the vicinity of record-low finance rates.

The heavy discounting may not much of a surprise when you consider what has happened in the last half decade on the truck market. But in fact, after taking a big hit in the recession, sales, full-sized pickups in fact grow this fast last year - and it was even a "bump" demand as Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast, said Analyst Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics, in Detroit, Michigan.

The good news for Ford, 2012 once again the top-selling vehicle in the United States is ending its big F-series, and Chrysler brand RAM is good with the 2013 remake of its full-size pickup 1500 scored.

General Motors hopes for a recovery when it is expected mid-2013 launches all new versions of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

"There is nothing more for our business as a truck, core" provided Reuss with well-attended preview of two trucks on a film soundstage in a suburb of Detroit. "And we think that we are counting this very well."

Since Henry Ford a bed on the back of a station wagon, a century before screwed, pickups were an important factor in the American automobile market. During its peak, a decade back, they made more than 17 percent of total sales in the United States new vehicle or 2.46 million during the record year 2004.

But demand began even before the nation into a recession and only 1.5 million for 2011 appeared to reduce. Part of the problem was that truck were likely to consider their cool at a time as the hippest buyers, a fuel sipping Prius more had lost guzzling as a pickup truck.

"The recreational pickup market is now quite low," and probably not again so analyst Hall on the legs.

But the commercial market is quite another thing. As the economy has slowly recovered, so has the demand for trucks. Traditionally is a close connection between the housing industry and the demand for pickups, GM's Reuss said. And the latest figures for housing starts, he said, suggests that the sales will receive probably even more in the coming months.

Already partially due to the need for Sandy Superstorm destroyed vehicles replace an increase in sales on the East Coast, dealer reports. And "entrepreneur, a car before may have now two take over extra work required could have" worked repairing the damage from the storm.

For the industry, which is the good news. "The market is getting stronger," beamed Reuss while the Silverado and Sierra preview, but "It is very, very competitive."

Clearly, GM had to cut incentives to 140 days supply with two trucks to the double of the normal industry dealers was to increase. But Chrysler has seen strong demand 1500 after the new RAM, has discounts and other incentives add up to approximately $4,700 were forks per truck in the last few months.

"Any discounting was,", analyst Hall said. "Trucks are always has some discount on them, taking into account the market is so competitive."

In an unusual twist, Asian manufacturers complement this pressure. Despite fat pronouncements don't have Tundra Toyota and Nissan largely with their models and titanium to make progress and keep more aggressively only to their own meager shares had to.

Manufacturers hope that they can of course keep deals with more than just the cashback. Significant redesigns for 2014 have undergone the new GM pickups, which calls main source River "evolutionary" on the outside, while he describes the inner update as "great."

Gone are the days, meant as a truck driving the hard life. This old fashioned metal or dashboards have been gilt leather and aluminum accents. Even the most basic material can be ordered now seats with seat heaters. And many high-tech infotainment and safety features found more often in upscale mid-size sedans or crossovers the Silverado and Sierra updates.

They can be ordered also with WiFi, easily an owner shops on the street - the center console hide a sinus cavernous storage area, large to provide enough for hanging folders and a large laptop computer.

The pick-up market is likely never reach the peaks set in the first years of the new millennium. But even without the urban Cowboys, who drove it to record levels, sales are clearly recovering. Pickups are back on almost 12 percent of the US market and if the housing market that another point or two in the next few years his own revival trucks continue to gain, most analysts predict.

The good news is that competition stays probably intense, forcing the manufacturers continue to update their products during the strong incentives.

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