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Honda recalls more than 800 K vans and SUVs

Honda recalls more than 800 K vans and SUVs

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
American Honda minivans and crossover utility vehicles, to solve, a problem reminiscent of more than 800,000 vehicles slip out of Park and rolling away could cause.

The Japanese manufacturer, has traditionally known for its high quality, reliability and customer satisfaction through an ongoing series of recalls have been slammed in recent years and security-related callbacks seems on the right track for the dubious distinction of having involved in more vehicles than any other manufacturer, which for the second year in a row in the United States to be active.

The ignition lock question, a device to ensure that the key can only be removed when the vehicle is shifted into Park. But the mechanism for the vehicles of the recall covered wear in the course of time and thus the key be removed, when the gearbox in neutral position is or some other gear, so that the vehicle may roll away and a crash could occur.

While numerous injuries back reminds himself have connected, a statement from Honda was connected to recent recall claimed only "a few similar incidents, including two that the supposedly minor injuries have led."

This conflicts with a statement of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration when it began its latest investigation into the problem in October. It reported 42 complaints involving separate from 2003 and 2004 Honda Odyssey models, with 26 vehicles rolling away and 16 thereof involved in some form of collision. A vehicle rolled 600 feet and struck a retaining wall, while other rolled two blocks, to end only after the collision with a brick mailbox.

The latest recall covers pilot crossover 318,000 Honda Odyssey vans and 259,000 Honda sold, during the 2003 and 2004 model years while 230,000 Acura MDX transitions between 2003 and 2006 sold were also added to the service action. At the beginning of this 807.000 vehicles in the United States marketed remember Honda that one sold a further 63,000 vehicles in 28 other countries.

The current problem is a problem, which has already plagued the manufacturer since 2003 and was extended to a series of recalls over the past decade to 2.2 million vehicles.

But Honda has a variety of other security-related problems in recent years.

During one week in October of the manufacturer recalled 1.7 million vehicles in three separate service actions, including one for 573.000 by a potential fire hazard, 820,000 due to possible headlight failures and a further 266,000 because a door could short circuit switch and also fire start.

During 2011 Honda was reminiscent of 15.5 million vehicles for security-related issues in the United States responsible for 3.8 million. Due to the latest ignition problem of the manufacturers in the vicinity of or even could surpass even once leader and overall to dovetail the.

The only other manufacturer capable of dubious Toyota challenge Honda's recall tally is the numerous security-related topics has had its own. Last month recalled it hybrids and other products, the questions from several different could suffer 2.8 million vehicles worldwide, including 670,000 Prius, the Steering could cause problems.

A month earlier it recalled 7,43 million vehicles - their largest single service action at all - by a short window switches. The problem, which involved fire input validation, vehicle sold 2.5 million vehicles in the United States

Despite such problems, recent studies have shown that the two producers retain their reputation for quality and reliability.

In connection with recall the latest Honda the producer tells it notifies owner in February of next year and make repairs free of charge.

A statement advises affected owners that more on or or by calling (800) 999-1009 for Honda can find out owner or (800) 382-2238 for Acura owners, and option 4.

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