Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Having regard to the new fusion for faulty headlight Ford

Having regard to the new fusion for faulty headlight Ford

Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News
Ford Motor Co. plans, more than 19,000 the second service replace action remember his new fusion of mid-sized sedan, broken headlight, collision with the vehicle new and published in just one week.

Last Friday, the automaker announced that it would recall 80,000 vehicles, including nearly 16,000 fusion, due to a possible fire hazard around.

The latest recall was headlight dimming by the discovery of a design for a Ford supplier, the driving of the vehicle and could be murky in the course of time according to the documents filed triggered the car manufacturer with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

All in all are the latest recall 19.106 fusion sedans subject. A total 15.833 were influenced by the previous recall was triggered by reports of fires in the new fusion and the redesigned Ford Escape crossover. (Total 73.320 of the CUVs need repairs). According to the Government coolant leakage 1.6-Liter-EcoBoost-Motor models of fusion and escape with Ford. If that comes into contact with a hot engine or exhaust components, a fire is possible. A company spokesman said that the problem of the headlight in internal tests of the fusion sedan, 2013-complete was redesigned in the model year, which was discovered on sale in September. The manufacturer says it has received no reports of accidents and injuries with respect to the problem, warned that the defect could nevertheless increase the possibility of a fall although NHTSA.

The escape has since twice for issues relating to the fire four times were recalled its creation in mid-2012.

Ford has additional reports have been investigated fires in Europe, but says that there no signs of a problem that it has found a recall.

Ford officials say that the speed in which she identified the latest headlights problem underscores its commitment to deal with security issues in a fast way.

But the flood of problems with two of its most popular models--and two of the most important transformations for 2013 - threaten, hammer of the manufacturer's reputation. The news makes it difficult for Ford's efforts to rebuild after setbacks in some recent surveys, such as the widely cited consumer reports automotive reliability examination and the J.D. power and Associates quality initial survey to its reputation for quality and reliability.

The automotive industry has as a whole seen an apparent increase of recalls in the past, several years and industry observers feel that the result of the scandal may be unintended acceleration, the end of 2009 and 2010 Toyota caught. Federal authorities became involved in the fiasco, when it was announced that she had secured vehicles on a planned recall by Toyota, off. Since analysts say automakers have felt pressure to recall vehicles for problems that previously could be treated drag dealer service bulletins with less attention.

While Ford a series of recalls in recent months was most faced, have relatively low number of vehicles involved. Some of the largest service actions have involved, recalled Toyota and Honda, the millions of vehicles in just the last two months. Apart from even bigger announcements by Ford or some other competitors are seeing Toyota and Honda in a dubious race, which will recall the most vehicles in 2012. Honda led this list 2011, Toyota in the year before.

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