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AutoRecover Dynamics WINS in November

Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News contribution
Analysis:It's almost 40 years since Volkswagen did. It was the best month for Porsche. At all. Nissan and its luxury brand Infiniti records written on their own.

After an unexpected setback seems only a month earlier, November unimagined impetus for the U.S. auto industry - have delivered what now appears to be on the way to a wider recovery in 2013.

In November, vehicles, which would mark the highest level since February 2008 the 15.5 million rate rose upward from an annual rate of 15 million pace. Automakers reported Monday new car sales and the message was consistently good.

Ironically the same force that cut seems sales in October the industry a month later a much-needed momentum have been: Superstorm Sandy. Forced more than 100,000 potential buyers purchases till November move the disaster according to industry analysts.

"We were...."very encouraged by the strong sales recovery experienced further impetus is in the north-eastern regions, which were plagued by Sandy Superstorm and expect for the balance of the year,"said Dave Zuchowski, executive Vice President of sales for Hyundai Motor America.

The Korean manufacturer of record sales of 53.487 vehicles last month, an increase of 8 percent compared to the same period before one year record. That was all the more considering that the month began with news that Hyundai and Kia mileage siblings had inflated ratings on 13 models and would again by less than 6 miles per gallon pare.

Of course, it helped that Hyundai used to have with the promise, to reimburse the owners of the affected vehicles. And the manufacturer also its incentives by an average of 29 percent elevated compared with the previous year, to $1,586 per vehicle, according to an estimate by tracking service data.

Decision makers in General actually increased their incentives in November, hoping to maintain momentum. The average increase was 4.4 percent compared to the previous year in Givebacks and 19.3 percent compared to October of this year.

Chrysler was one of the rare exceptions, trim its incentives to innovate November 22 per cent from the year before--a reflect the fact that it further 2009 move on the rise in the wake of their insolvency. The manufacturer has shown now 32 consecutive monthly sales gains. The brand was Fiat in particular by 123 percent as finally begins its growing line up, stop capturing after painfully slow to start.

"We expect a strong as the industry continues to the East Coast hurricane to recover from December and consumers continue to event to respond to our popular at the end of the big finish," said Reid Bigland, CEO of the Dodge brand and company head Chrysler sales.

Goes in the month it was far from certain November turn out so well. The Superstorm had devastated large swaths of the East Coast and left scores of the showrooms in the Tri-State New York area locked. The presidential election raised any number of concerns about the mood of the voters, and the health of the economy. In fact, November could it brought growing concern about the so-called "fiscal cliff" and the possibility that speak of another recession lead to curb consumer spending.

But if anything, "the Black Friday sales to increase," according to Hyundai's Zaman, with most manufacturers, if at all, only minor effects of the crisis fiscal Cliff reporting.

Not only were buyers back in the market along the devastated East Coast storm, but, if anything, appeared the destruction to a flood of sales listed have as buyer risk, replace the estimated 100,000 or during the disaster after Bill Fay, Toyota Division destroyed more vehicles to Group Vice President and general manager.

The Toyota Board referred also to "pent demand, record low finance rates and new products (for) also demand force."

In fact, one of the largest outpourings of novelty in the history of the industry is the market see. An estimate of 50 new models are on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, and at least as many more are expected during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit debut in January.

New product helped to take a long list of automakers records for November claim, and the lively mood is suggested that the trend will probably persist in the coming months.

"We expect showroom traffic through the holiday gift season to remain strong," predicted Ben Poore, general manager for the Infiniti brand.

Remains to be seen whether car makers in November to ride-with sales at an annualized rate estimated to be between 14.7 million and 15.1 million - come to pare would use again on incentives. The average Giveback jumped last month $2.764 per vehicle, according to TrueCar, compared to $2.317 in October and $2,647 in November 2011.

At the same time, transaction prices - the figure actually pays the typical motorist after you add in the options and Givebacks--rose to its highest level in a year, on average $30.832 deduction.

"Industry average transaction prices again with consumers still appetite on most vehicles increase, claims", said Jesse tamani, senior analyst at TrueCar.

Despite the sense that the consumer more and more confidence in the economy to grow, industry leaders still fear that hit the market Washington lawmakers no deal on taxes and spending a seriously could take. But most analysts keep their fingers crossed that one at the time agreement, to keep the economy rolling.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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