Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ford CEO Mulally to stay until 2014

Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau

Ford Motor Co. is heard resolving two of the most frequently asked questions in the automotive industry, but it has no complete answer to the question when CEO Alan Mulally - will step and who succeed him closer a step.

But a strong clue emerged Thursday morning with the news, that mark fields, currently Chief Operating Officer, a position all but certain Ford's President America of the manufacturer are moves to make sure he finally on Mulally retired. But the 67-year-old CEO, clearly in no hurry to leave, pare back its daily role is still as Ford's chief strategist and internal cheerleader.

"At least until 2014." Whatever happens, is Alan here two more years. "Ford Chairman Bill Ford clarified how long Mulally would asked remain, and we could go longer". "Of course, I love Alan." I have never enjoyed with anyone, so much (and) I would like to be him forever. "But part of the manifestation of a great CEO developed into a great team."

So, from the perspective of the Executive Board the man responsible are now 51-year-old mark fields, the Jersey boy, the many - including Mulally--credit with the creation of the "great elements" a turnaround plan the bankrupt, in contrast to his city rivals rivals General Motors and Chrysler Ford helped.

Both Mulally and fields praise the new Chief heaped operating Office, be aware of the strong performance of fields operations how the maker result revealed in report in the third quarter. Despite the increasing losses in Europe, margins in North America under were essentially flat net profit of the company, at $1.6 billion, primarily to the whopping 12% industry's highest and best at Ford since 2000.

One of the most important duties of fields will make the company weekly Thursday morning oversee, where literally every key aspect of the company is discussed. Through these meetings, was Mulally, outlines a new recruit from Boeing its plan, in the year 2006 first a Ford to consolidate regional network of the company into a truly global automotive powerhouse.

It was also there the Mulally received a clear understanding of the challenges in a company, which was historically famous for what Bill Ford as his personal "empire building and envy", recalls in his first session of Thursday asked Mulally of Ford's management team, how everything went. "Good," came the answer from everyone present. "If so," back Mulally shot, "How do I get about losses of tens of billions of dollars?"

At the next meeting, fields broke to tradition, raising his hand to admit that his operations problems had and ask for help. In the past, it could be a career-ending step fails to admit have. Instead winding up there helping cement his future.

"The growth in (fields) we have seen in the last six years enormous, was", Mulally said during a conference call.

Announcement on Thursday showed also a number of other important personnel changes.

The 45-year-old Joe Hinrichs, seen as a complete alternative to fields, will replace his colleague as President of America. Hinrichs had refers to Ford's crucial runs and region - fast growing Asia Pacific Africa booming China - 2009.

Stephen Odell, a Senior Executive in Europe was named executive Vice President and President of Europe, Middle East and Africa. He was until now serve as President, Chairman and CEO von Ford of Europe. The British-born Executive had supervised the sale of Ford's Volvo subsidiary former and served also a detour to Japan with former affiliate Mazda, Mazda Motor Co. The 57-year-old Odell revealed an extensive turnaround plan for Europe, including three plant closures just last week.

The end of 2007 Ford, Jim Farley, a unique Toyota Star came was global head of sales, service and marketing, in line with the strategy a Ford. He adds the role of senior leader of Ford's Lincoln luxury brand now long worried. Until recently, however, Lincoln was limited to a presence in the United States and some other markets. It is to start soon in China and finally rolling out worldwide.

Replacing Hinrichs as Chief of operations David Schoch, 61, be Asia Pacific currently running fast-growing Chinese companies to the man of the manufacturer. African operations will now be realigned with Europe, Odell.

The last top-management shift is 46-year-old John Lawlor of Chairman of Ford Motor China become.

Several observers said they were pleased to see Ford senior managers like Hinrichs, Odell, and Farley, keep the latter taking account in particular of some likely companies to jump if fields won the top spot in an attempt to move himself up the ladder. In turn, CEO Mulally and Chairman Ford enjoy compressed the team to keep.

It is not unusual that top executives on the payroll in a limited role remain, as it was named the retirement age - reached as GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz "Consultant" for a short period of time - keep Mulally clearly a strong role at Ford going forward. But there will be more strategic as before, something that the corporate culture change, which can be important for the success of his program a Ford further decisive.

The goal of a company is, that "can pivot," if necessary accommodation to the ever faster changes of the modern world, to react, said Bill Ford, great-grandson of the founder, automaker Henry Ford. "I hope Alan's lasting legacy is that we react through the lens of reality and clarity," he added, then shows that yellow not Mulally write the time card is for a couple of years older.

For his part, said he will also continue to serve the still surprisingly boyish Mulally in the enjoyment of his boss. "My contract is a very firm handshake with the Chairman and has always been."

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