Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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Chevrolet caprice, sold only to police, not for sale to the general public is one more Chevy models available.

By Dan Carney, NBCNews-Le
Chevrolet old commercials compared his cars with baseball, hot dogs and apple pie as a way to promote the brand of all-American character. But the company has models it will not sell in the United States. These are not the small Chinese Microcars that Chevy only sold in emerging markets, either; This is the real cars that are on the roads in North America.

You are not only driving for sale to the general public.

You are the Chevrolet caprice full-size sedan, the Orlando mid-sized crossover SUV and the Captiva sport compact Division.

Caprice is powered a full-bodied, traditional rear-wheel drive V-8 sedan of the kind that the Chevy to a dominant position in the middle of the last century. Customers for such cars exist still, but Chevy does not currently offer it for sale to the average driver in the United States

But in Australia, Chevy of company cousin Holden still builds them, and they want American police. So, Chevy imported caprice for sale in police station. Traditionalists can heart, but, exempt very similar such as the caprice, also because next year of the SS, a "super sport" V-8 sedan Australia introduced Chevy will offer.

But whats with the Captiva sport? This is a vehicle in the red-hot compact crossover segment. It would be certainly ideal for the US market. The thing is that Chevy has the Equinox, which was so popular that the company extended production to an additional attachment, already reported spokesman Tom Wilkinson.

Plant should help, Chevy consumer demand after the Equinox meetings facilitate, but helped the Captiva sport fleet in the meantime by meeting the demand from rental for a compact SUV with this Mexican made model. Now, that it was enough said production capacity for the Equinox, Wilkinson that he does not know whether Chevrolet Captiva hire only dropping sports.

And there is the Orlando, a global hit for Chevrolet, in Korea made and sold in Canada. You would think that this is a vehicle that belongs in U.S. showrooms. No, said Willkinson. Because a market niche between the Equinox and larger cross beam in the size fits, everything what Orlando would do if it were sold in the United States, sales of those other models would be trace siphon. In most markets, selling the Orlando, Chevy Equinox does not or it has no traverse. The Orlando is a popular alternative to larger, more expensive traverse in Canada because of that country's higher gas prices and lower household income.

All three of these models not for consumer chaos and confusion would only contribute to the exhibition space, Wilkinson said. "She would have a large number of vehicles in showrooms and perhaps no great increase in sales," he said.

So is not the top-selling U.S. brand trying to make us interesting models. Chevy must only by the number of them to a reasonable level to trim. It is also good for the US economy, that the models they sell here as alternatives are mounted in domestic rather than imported from Australia, Mexico or Korea.

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