Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Run over Beethoven! The KIA hamsters are back

Run over Beethoven! The KIA hamsters are back


KIA hamsters make their return in the classical form in the latest campaign of the soul.

Make the Detroit BureauRoll over Beethoven, Mozart room by Paul A. Eisenstein. The KIA hamsters are back and they turn a serious, 17th century ballet in a wild, 21st century electro dance party in its latest advertising campaign for the popular KIA soul.

Some official spoke... uh... Rodents with the car community as effective as what the Korean car maker like his "Hotels stars." clicked and their previous advertisements have tens of millions access to YouTube.com and elsewhere generated as they like only a few other automotive viral have ads.
The latest spot will be premiered today on 18,000 canvas across the U.S. and then appear on the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6.

Typically irreverent way the latest campaign has "Bringing Down the House" entitled has been, and is located in a century European Opera House. Put on the Axwell remix, "In My Mind," it shakes the sober environment above by them to a very 21st century electro dance party.

You are there again. And this time they've gone way back in their time travel KIA soul.

Consider their success - and maybe help their popularity, KIA has made surprisingly sensible use of the hamster. They made their first appearance three years ago with the introduction of the soul, an "urban automobile" to support.

"Since the start of the soul in 2009, music a driving force to move of the brand KIA in the mainstream and the connection with consumers relevant and conversational so," said David Angelo, founder and Chief Creative Officer, David & Goliath. "Our subject line, 'A new Way to roll,' allows us, always a new musical perspective to every soul running during your stay with the latest pop culture trends current bring."

The trade-which Angelo gets "both musically and visually unexpected" - opens one with the grandeur old MGM musical, when the conductor Mozart-like has an odd waves to the Orchestra and ballet dancers to coils gleam in his eyes when he his baton. To the shock of everyone on the stage and turn off a Kia soul rises suddenly to the set and the conductor snaps to reveal his mask, that he a the the hip-hop hamsters. As expected, everyone in the House is moving busting with the time on the ground faded to black.

The soul is just one of a number of "Field mobiles", launched in the US market in recent years, but it remained a strong seller despite the lackluster success of many third-party offers and the steady decline in which the once-hot Scion xB.

KIA as a whole has shown some of the greatest dynamics of each brand in the United States. The hamsters have clearly helped, according to analysts, marketing, although the Korean company aggressively always was his message in a variety of ways, including a costly NBA sponsorship out.

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