Friday, September 7, 2012

Mazda built its last car in the United States

Small Mazda Motors has long been known for its own way of doing things, sticking with the rotary engine, for one thing, decades after other manufacturers there on the fuel inefficient technology. And the step, today companies are expected to again thwarted general industry trends. But it leaves many industry watchers questions, whether it a serious competitive disadvantage will leave the Japanese producers.
At some point today is the very last Mazda6 wagon in flat rock, Michigan by the band he international roll. Mazda builds built since cars at the factory in a suburb of Detroit for the last quarter century, AAI, a joint venture with the long-standing partner Ford Motor Co.

But Ford has all but completely selling out all except on a small proportion of Mazda in the last few years and decades product development sharing ending went away of this trans-Pacific partnership programs. Mazda, which is looking for a new partner and with sales decreases of the Mazda6, joint venture - go plant away from the Assembly in terms of a factory in Japan for the soon to be updated Mazda6 decided model.

The work of AutoAlliance remains open - but now only Ford's under control. In fact, the manufacturer has big plans for the plant and invested $550 million in it, adding 1,200 jobs to 1,700 employees already are.
Mazda actually keep their 50% stake, but everything there build going forward has no plans.

Flat Rock really began as a Ford casting plant was in 1972 under nine years later closed and by Mazda, Honda and Toyota, other Japanese makers so-called transplant assembly plants in the United States was opened then bought the Japanese company first turned to their own employees for a large part of the factory management team - even building one of Detroit of's first sushi bars in the vicinity.

Halt get Mazda's finance, advanced Ford quickly its stake in the Hiroshima-manufacturers - ultimately naming their own CEO the Japanese company running. Ford bought shares in the plant.
AutoAlliance has a variety of products over the years especially from the perspective of the Ford including small sporting sample produced Coupe and later the Mustang. Mazda has long focused on mid-sized models, known for a number of years as the Mazda6.

The problem, Mazda, officials have said, the volume is so steep be slipped, that it not more economically still although Mazda6 is the next generation comes into work - next year is most hampered by uneven exchange rates, other Japanese manufacturers rapidly production shift from the Japanese islands have.
Japan's big three, Toyota, Nissan and Honda, in fact have announced significant expansion plans for North America in the past few months.

And Honda, the first Japanese company to open a transplant factory, is marking the 30th anniversary of its Marysville, Ohio assembly plant this month with the introduction of the production of his ninth generation accord. Posted by mid decade John Mendel, American manufacturer's top executives, about 85% of the vehicles in North America is the manufacturer sold here are built.

Mazda is not completely retrenching. It plans a new plant in Salamanca, to set up Mexico to smaller products such as the Mazda2 and MAZDA3 to build, but if it returns its level on flat rocks it seems unlikely that it build vehicles in the United States for the foreseeable future.

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