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Honda Accord tops list for the most stolen cars

Honda Accord tops list for the most stolen cars

Honda Motor Co.

Honda has the two on the most stolen models of the civic and the accord 94 98. Each year, the accord 94 has topped the list since 2008.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
This is on a list that you probably do not see your car better, but if you a 1994 Honda Accord most likely even it is that the car thieves are on target, according to a new study, published by the national insurance Crime Bureau land.

The good news is that car theft in General, decreased in recent years - but is there some excruciating hot spots, particularly along the West Coast. The NICB annual hot wheels study shows however that thieves are particular about what they go afterwards whether the strong demand for a particular model or they are simply easier to escape.

Honda, it turns out, has the two on the most stolen models of the civic and the accord 94 98. The full list follows. It shows that the Japanese producers half of the top 10 models, Detroit the other five built. The list is also pretty evenly between cars, such as accord and light trucks, including the 2006 Ford F-series pickup and 2000 Dodge Caravan minivan divided.

But the accord 94 annually has topped the list since 2008.

As everyone with access to a new model knows, gone are the days when a car with a simple metal key. Today's vehicles are based largely on intelligent technologies, at least in part, to help thwart potential thieves. But the new data suggests that it not as successful as expected.

"While overall thefts continue to fall, we have a trend towards the increase in the thefts late model vehicles, see", said NICB President Joe Wehrle, "those who theoretically harder to steal by demanding key code technology."

A problem is to view of the industry trade group, that this seems an inside job, thieves, the access to the encrypted key codes instead of use of muscles, to a vehicle to break and hot wiring, how she could have with older models.

The NICB proposes that drivers prevent theft, by protection, with calls it "layered" instead count only on smart key technology.

These include an alarm system, a vehicle immobilizer this makes it difficult, a vehicle and a stolen vehicle recovery system to start, or SVRS, the police, to keep track of a car and quickly restore it allows. Some advanced services such as General Motors OnStar, can be used, too slow, or even to shut down a vehicle from a distance.

Course is the first line of defence, the NICB stressed, lock a vehicle for a driver and the key to take away. A surprisingly high number of car thefts come each year because drivers simply make it easy for thieves.

The full list of the hot wheels:

1994 Honda Accord

1998 Honda Civic

2006 Ford F-Series

1991 Toyota Camry

2000 Dodge Caravan

1994 Acura Integra

1999 Chevrolet Silverado

2004 Dodge Ram

2002 Ford Explorer

1994 Nissan Skyline

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