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Detroit-hot-rod move a blast from cruises past

Detroit-hot-rod move a blast from cruises past

Paul A. Eisenstein

Ford's large "Mustang alley" last year dream cruise.

Immortalized during the cruise of the Southern California-based George Lucas film "American Graffiti" might have been, was Woodward was a major center of the ritual and the experience by the hometown automakers. In fact it was out not uncommon, that GM, Ford or Chrysler Woodward beat with some of their latest products, test engineers, executives such as the legendary John DeLorean, against the competition even.

But cruising slowly expired twin Mideast oil shocks in the 1970s, partly due to suburban sprawl and a RAID by the police, as well as the high cost of gas after the first of the Decade.

And it might be little more than an integral part of which would be folklore remained as no chance experiment by a local muscle car club based in the suburb of Ferndale, about the infamous 8 mile road border from Detroit. In 1985, members thought that it is more fun, actually drive, instead of Park, could be their classic. Word got other collectors and also it turned out that weekend in August. Then, the event grew each year.

Or rather, it grew, until the recent economic downturn took hold. This led some of the big name sponsors, including big three automakers of Detroit, their sponsorship of hospitality stop suites and events at the Woodward Dream Cruise connected. Cruise seemed prefer this way to some regulars, the grassroots event was better if it marketing efforts serve as a part of the company do not.

The event faces an uncertain future. And this despite the return of many sponsors, which again, staging a large presence will be on Saturday.

"One thing that I noticed," said Chicago's George shot as he took a group of pensioners, which just the above boat trip cruise on Wednesday afternoon. "It's all the old guys here." "No young people displayed."

Fits are a number of studies that show far less of the today's Gen-Y teens disturbs, driver's licenses as preserved in recent decades - questions about whether love affair with cars and cruising continued can be America's.

Then 15-year-old Samuel Sudduth, of Ypilanti, Michigan, arrived, although the youngster admitted that he came only because his father Don. On a scale of 1 to 10, Sam is hardly one to six cars, defendant's father, who said that he himself is from "a certified auto mother." - the scales,

Like most of his classmates the young Sam more interested in things like mobile phones. But after his face illuminated controlled by a classic hot rod to an other 1960s muscle car, and he began to ask questions.

"I many old stories, and it is quite interesting hear", Sam said, suggesting that he would come back only with his father on Saturday.

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