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For the time being, Dodge pulls out of NASCAR...

For the time being, Dodge pulls out of NASCAR...
Nick Laham
Brad Keselowski, driver of the # 22 snap-on tools Dodge, celebrates Motor Speedway nationwide series Indiana 250 to Indianapolis with the American flag after winning the NASCAR on September 28.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Boer auIn what a top manager as "Definitely an extremely difficult decision," draws from NASCAR Dodge.

The smaller brand desperately search the decision to leave is what that that Motorsport program in the United States spread followed was the most the Team Penske the delayed result, Dodge and sign this unexpected setback left on leave with his arch-rival Ford Motor Co. last March a new team and sponsors as was ready, begin the testing of a completely new car for the NASCAR season 2013.
After months of effort no effective solution together, senior, the Chrysler Executive came during a conference call Tuesday complains, reporters, left with no option, the Dodge brand but pull out.

"Cash", Ralph Gilles, the head of the Chrysler company motor sport activities, stressed "The problem was not." Instead, he repeatedly stressed the efforts had to replace the Penske team as "a multipart puzzle." "We could not, unfortunately, a structure that competitive sense for the next year put together."

The loss of Penske, which through the offer of a lucrative, multi-year contract with Ford, Gilles and his motorsport operations left "working literally day and night," was lured the 2013 NASCAR meeting with a variety of possible new teams and sponsors, effort to save. But nothing seemed all the necessary solutions to offer.
Gilles links clearly disappointed open the possibility, the Dodge with one of the smaller NASCAR teams that are currently still functional with its vehicles in the touring car series. This would be done, but it would be minimal "" recognition procedure, no full-on sponsorship deal.

However, it seemed clear from the Manager comments, that is the automakers hope to stage a comeback at some point. While some believe is still the old proverb "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" remains valid, there is still a general consensus that to create incredibly loyal fans of sports market, especially for a successful team.

As a result "We don't know" how much influence the NASCAR news has admitted Dodge in the showroom, Gilles, "but we know it will be a few fans out there, the revolt will."

Support for NASCAR marketing efforts had tripled before Penske's decision to lock for Ford, Dodge about its budget ironically.
It's actually not the first time, the Dodge without a flag in the NASCAR series fly has been accepted. He retired in 1977, and not formally from the stockcar circuit until 2001.

In the last few years had Dodge steadily back to the width of your team support, partly because of the increasing financial difficulties drawn, led the parent Chrysler in 2009 in the bankruptcy. But there was also a general consolidation among the teams on the NASCAR circuit, underlines Gilles.

The first signs of trouble - after the defection of Penske, i.e. - the track tests came when Dodge known would a critical day missing. But the final decision to pull only last Friday made Gilles, revealed.

While the Executive - is also known as Chrysler head design - open left a return to NASCAR in the future, he that Dodge would have to "go stressed to the Whiteboard" and start you strategizing their stock car plans again all over.

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