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Crash course teaches teens such as accidents to avoid

Teen driver Shannon Carney, the daughter of the writer Dan Carney, learns to control accident prevention/highway safety course as their way out of trouble at the BSR.

By Dan Carney, NBCNews-Le
Summer is usually the time, when training courses of driver's log top driver their behind-the-wheel hours so they can earn their licenses. Soon they will be trekking to the DMV, or perhaps get the courthouse, allows their freshly baked driving.

But drive, is a skill that improves so while these that they are finished think new driver, with testing a car under the watchful eyes of instructors they just to school complete to continue both with experience and training, such as most of the activities.

The is the thinking of the instructor at the BSR performed at the Summit point accident prevention/highway safety course Motorsports Park about an hour from Washington, D.C. And this is, why I my own teenage daughter in the class to try the instruction with on the line mixes action sent.

Other schools in the country result in similar classes, and indeed our own Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department offers young people a class with a similar curriculum. A variety of motivations offered other parents to sign their children for the class, but mostly everyone wants to keep their young drivers safe.

Student Jenny Burstein said that accidentally ran over a street sign, when she lost control in a cross in the rain. "It's a good experience," said Plassnik. "Now I know how you countersteer." It helps in any case. "At least I hope so."

A mother said that she believes that it does. She wrote to her daughter in the course class was older brother of the girl and by what he learned to avoid collision with a couple of skateboarders, started the by an intersection - against the light - right in front of him on the day after the class. He would the skateboarder told without the class preparation for emergency braking, killed boy have his mother.

Many of the fathers were car enthusiasts and former sports car drivers who were already familiar with the route and had planned to bring, to learn, to which they were born since the day their children there. "I have planned for them, to do this, since she was very young," said Wayne Burstein. "It is all about your kids care", he continued. Of course the driver fathers thought she could teach their children how to control the car itself, but as Burstein, recognized that children hear others better than their parents in such situations.

"This is get on the learning of muscle memory in driver's ED can not", he said.

The class covers topics such as basic vehicle control brakes on the border of traction to avoid braking when turning, restoring control over a car, the street dodging around obstacles on the road (as skateboarders!), has left skid control and to the loss of the power to deal with and makes brake assist.

How many drivers on the road today have training and experience in an auto slide on a wet road with, so they can learn how control in a secure environment to recover? Or how one of the most deadly forms of crashes to survive: the off-road over-correction? That is, if a car drops the wheels right over the edge of the road and the driver panic and the car pulls to the left, so that to shoot it across the street into oncoming traffic.

The young people at the BSR accident avoidance class practiced security in this situation responding, it occurs on the road they are ready. The trick? Nothing to do.

The gas to make it easier to hold the steering wheel ensure that drive the car under control and then gradually return to the road. It is so easy.

Critics complain about the teen driver training, it only will encourage you to take more risks, but it is hard to see, what risks "do nothing" off-road recreation training could provide.

Then there are the formidable "Save the mirror" - test. Of course the young pilots need to secure on the shoulders look, but the BSR trainers made practice, secure children with only mirror for those occasions, if they can not see out of the back for one reason or another. It went bad in this test the Orange Cone, but it gave the children good practice and increased the need for it, constantly to improve so they can parking car without crunching their parents.

But not parking is usually a matter of life and death, while other aspects of driving can be. So prepare for that moment between the knowledge that a mistake was made and the striking a fixed object, the accident avoidance class trying reported teacher Don Ruschman. "A few seconds an untrained driver is in most cases rely on their instincts," he said. "The problem is that when driving under stress, our instincts are almost always wrong."

The best preparation for emergencies, providing students the class them escape route from a looming collision search training is, he said. "Drivers instincts are interesting on their way view that represents a danger to them, when what they need to do, is to look for the way to this object", Ruschman said. "In search of the flight path instead of what it is, what happens is, you make it need, it is incredibly difficult to do under pressure/pressure of the moment."

On the line skid pad time teenagers learn how to find their way out of trouble, where they want to take the car and practice ways to find it. "Here learn them how to detect, control and recover from skids, but more important is the skid pad is most 'Bulb' on such as where we are looking more than 90 percent of the controls where the car goes on."

My own daughter noted that their trainers keep constant reminder her "eyes", looking to the future for the effort and means, was the best lesson took them out of school. This fact underlines the need, people have different statement, teens as parents, do, because her mother and I often not far enough forward look their usual, had pointed out to anticipate events. Everything, which took it to the sink in the message that it pays is participating in the class just for this course, to hear that essentially the same from someone else.

Children can resist the idea of additional school, but parents will rest easier, after seeing their children polishing their coping strategies for a class such as the BSR accident prevention school.

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