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Chrysler books $436 million profit in the second quarter

(Updated 14: 45 East) DETROIT--Chrysler Group LLC further earn turnaround from near death three years ago $436 million in the second quarter and confirmed that it is a full-year operating profit of at least 3 billion $ show.

Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne, warned employees in an e-Mail to Chrysler on Monday against overconfidence in the light of the recent success of the company after "Life through a near-death experience" in 2009.

"History teaches, that it simply in good times to develop bad habits," Marchionne enrolled in the e-Mail from that copy was acquired by Reuters. "This has become no time around corners, no time to our version of undisciplined, no time to forget how difficult it was, our way to claw back to viability."

A year ago, in connection with Chrysler, $370 million in the second quarter, including losses relating to $551 million payments of the Government lost credits of its 2009 bankruptcy and rescue.

In the second quarter, revenues rose by 23 percent to $16,7950 billion.

"Our results reflect to deliver the best quality and value for our brands, a tireless pursuit of the people of the Chrysler Group," said Marchionne, the CEO of Fiat, in a press statement.

Chrysler is majority owned by Italian Fiat SpA.

Fiat, the result of reports in the second quarter on Tuesday. In the past several quarters, its have through weak earnings have been increased the strength of Chrysler. Marchionne will develop during a conference call Tuesday with reporters and investors on the result of Chrysler.

Fiat result have through the economic crisis in Europe under pressure has been used. It is based also on southern European markets where sales are the hardest hit.

US sales by 24% worldwide vehicle sales rose 20 percent to 582.000 in the second quarter, led by a rise in. Sales outside the core market in North America rose to 70,000 vehicles 58 percent in the quarter.

Earlier this month, Fiat to exercise its call option, another 3.3 percentage points of Chrysler, announced increase its stake to 61.8 percent done to buy. Fiat neither Chrysler have even pointed out that the deal were sealed.

The remaining shares in Chrysler are a retiree healthcare trust of the United Auto Workers Union manages.

Earlier this month, said Marchionne of operating profit for year as a whole, "the goal of $3 billion in your area." "We could overshoot."

Sales have steadily for Chrysler since the first quarter of 2010, rose when it started breaking out their business results by Fiat. At the time, Chrysler was $9,6900 billion revenue.

Until June Chrysler has reported 27 consecutive months growth in the United States year after year. This strip followed approximately 24 consecutive months of U.S. sales.

Marchionne and his management team will be with the overhaul of Chrysler vehicle lineup that outdated and panned in quality 2009 took over surveys and reviews as Fiat management control has been credited.

Chrysler is now up sales for its new small Dodge Dart sedan ramps, which in the compact class segment of the US car market-a crowded segment competes, the the Honda Motor Co civic, Toyota Motor Corp corolla, the Ford Motor Co. focus and General Motors co. Chevrolet Cruze contains.

The DART is the first vehicle from Fiat and Chrysler will be developed together.

Fiat management control and a 20 percent stake in Chrysler in the context of the insolvency plans restructuring that the Auburn Hills, Michigan, automakers in 2009, the extinction of saved.

Chrysler bar at the end of the second quarter rose to $12,0750 billion from $10,1750 billion a year ago and $11,30 billion at the end of the first quarter. Total available liquidity at the end of the second quarter was $13,40 billion.

Free cash flow was $866 million at the end of the second quarter, down from $1.70 billion at the end of the first quarter, and up from $174 million a year ago.

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