Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is this safe? Fiat offers to go a jolt of Joe

Is this safe? Fiat offers to go a jolt of Joe

The Detroit Bureau

It should be no surprise, that Fiat would provide the option taking into Italy intensive attention to a bitter shot espresso.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau
These days, almost every car on the road is likely to offer a few Cup holder. But this means that you still brew your own batch of Java or stop the local coffee shop on your way to work. Not so when the new Fiat 500 L hits the road in October.

The European version is at least what is billing the Italian automaker "the first standard production car in the world." offer a true coffee Espresso machine '

It should probably be no surprise that Fiat would provide the possibility, given Italy intensive attention to a bitter shot espresso. No word whether it cappuccino, as well, but will make.

The manufacturer "integrated perfectly in the center console", which explains the automaker and was developed for the 500 L of Italy's largest coffee chain, Lavazza. Single-shot cartridges, which minimize the effort and the risk of dumping used coffee grounds all over the car.

Several other manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Ford, have developed alarm systems before recently drivers, seems to be sleepy a motorist to signal. You use a coffee cup icon to warn that it is time, pull over. With the Fiat 500 L, a driver would need not apparently looking for a coffee shop.

The Fiat 500 L will join the next model of the manufacturer's American line-up. It seems that there are no plans, the espresso machine to the transatlantic journey, along nevertheless.

The introduction of a full espresso machine in the new 4-door model is a sharp switch in direction for Fiat. European manufacturers long disdained the American demand for Cup holders, you it only if it turned out, that they were losing to American and Japanese brands company Add.

But motorists have looking after more than just a place to store their drinks. A number of new models contain now cooled glove box, where you can cool off a non-alcoholic drink. And the latest version of the 300 C sedan, produced by Fiat's US partner Chrysler, Cup holders that are set to relax or to heat your beverage.

Meanwhile provides for with the resources new Rolls Royce Phantom II rear seat refrigerator to store a bottle of your favorite champagne, as well as a cut Crystal decanters for those that prefer a nice single-malt Scottish. There are matching glasses, as well as you could expect.

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