Sunday, June 24, 2012

Automakers get button Siri organizational units with "Eyes-free"

By Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit BureauIt, a new car is to find a USB port not hard these days. So a USB port developed specially equipped with the special cord to your vehicle-Infotainment system a to connect iPhone or other Apple device.
On the basis of Apple's plans at its annual Software Developer Conference announced that it seems that Apple have a place on the steering wheel, and would like to access.

While your recent car probably already, could enable a button to your voice command system replacement very well a second button Siri wake up have. This is Apple's proprietary voice command system, you can do that, from an objective insert navigation system to find the best synonym for "corporate arrogance." you

Apple is the button "Eyes-free" call according to the tech site Engadget. And it seems that the button would only work, an iPhone or other Apple device equipped with Siri - a update version for which is likely soon IOS Apple.

On the eyes free button would can it all kinds of applications and functions directly on your i device, can be accessed instead of the car Infotainment controls - but as more and more vehicles with iPhones are closely linked, that charge you a service like Pandora or any other app could allow. It would certainly help, you will find the nearest Apple store or Starbucks.
According to Engadget quote Scott Forstall, including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, signed already the Tsar of Apple's iOS operating system, a long list of manufacturers, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota and eyes free was reflected in some vehicles from about this time next year, so probably the big tech news for the 2014 launch model year.

What about people with BlackBerrys, androids, or Microsoft-powered phones? She would probably luck, if automakers choose the eyes make free key dual purpose - something serve the discerning Apple should accept not without a fight.

Clearly, closes the list of the manufacturers of the opt-in to develop the Microsoft of its popular sync technology not Ford. Also, KIA, which is also a Microsoft-powered Infotainment system is missing.
Hyundai, now from the list, apparently focuses on expansion of the market for its blue link system.

But even more surprising is the fact that GM with Apple despite the potential conflict between Siri and the OnStar system above link. In the meantime, Cadillac launches only a highly function Infotainment system, synchronized CUE, what happens, some of the basic Siri software to integrate. The big difference is that reached a CUE from the "cloud", but is a completely stand-alone system - but like Siri, it is able to respond to common voice commands, rather than users require learn strict command trees that require to do four or five steps, teach something as simple as a Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone.

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