Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Second-hand cars of increasingly scarce, expensive

Drivers in the market for a used car may save for a while longer to keep. New data from the National Automobile Dealers Association shows that the average price of a used drive almost 2 per cent will increase this year for an average of $11.850 for cars and $19.050 for light trucks. These higher prices come up on an increase of 3 per cent in 2011.

The most important reason is that it was simply using less cars out there. The recession prompted automakers production, slowly led to a sharp decline in the number of used cars on the market in 2010. Economic uncertainty and a weak labour market depend on their vehicles longer Americans have motivated; According to NADA, the average car on the road is now 11 years old statistics.

Climbing prices at the pump are responsible for an even bigger jump in prices for used, compact, fuel-saving cars. NADA predicts a 2.7 percent price jump in this category this year. Vice versa, may for one to receive even a bargain gas guzzler drivers; Prices of large SUVs are expected in 2012 a modest 1.4 percent increase.

The good news is that NADA of a higher new car sales for the year, predicting is so that the inventory crunch is not forever.

As the Americans finally trading in these older vehicles, which it during and after the recession on hung, NADA predictions of the 12.8 million last year sold turnover of 13.9 million new cars and trucks for 2012, an increase over. A lack of access to financing, also a brake put on used car sales; This year, NADA predicts that lenders will be more available credit. Dealers strive to keep the dynamic forecast last year when 12.8 million were sold vehicles, built so that NADA turn many incentives to the tire kickers into buyers.

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