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KIA may be the best brand for car owners miser

KIA may be the best brand for car owners miser

The boxy KIA soul among the winners in a new study, the evaluation of the total cost of ownership.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau

There are many bargain priced cars, trucks and crossovers, but that doesn't always mean that they add up to too much.  Smart shoppers know that there are many ways that can get quickly out of control costs, if you a car, insurance, fuel consumption, maintenance and repair itself.

And that is why a new study from Kelly Blue book focuses on what is really important is: the total cost of ownership.  And there the data-tracking Web site, finally, KIA is experience the clear outstanding as the top brand among all manufacturers in the whole property until is counted.  Audi was the No. 1 luxury brand total cost of ownership.

"Car buyers the vehicles on their test lists to understand the financial implications of ownership, compare with costs should last", said Juan Flores, Director of vehicle valuation for Kelley Blue book. "While a vehicle could be front less expensive, the cost of fuel for this model, insurance and other expenses that the less attractive option for your wallet in the long run make it could."

KIA scored high fuel consumption and increasing part-exchange values largely due to the, "greatly improved quality", said researchers, on products such as the soul crossover, Optima sedan and Sportage SUV KBB.  Audi was a usually not known because of the low depreciation and solid performance in a segment for great fuel economy.  Audi had a number of high-quality models, including the small car of A3, A4 sedan and Q5 SUV.

The new KBB total ownership awards contain a few surprises, in particular the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, the Nissan leaf battery-electric vehicle in the electric car category nearly defeated.  Other studies have found that consumers of the Volt first prize - approximately a $40,000 of less off a federal tax credit of $7,500.  But when you consider that the five-year total ownership closed Chevy plug-in minimal energy and maintenance costs and probably buy-back value, KBB costs are only $40.629 compared to $42.089 for the page.

This is only about $4,000 more than the juke, the total expected inventory software for the compact Nissan for $36.627, the winner in the category of compact crossover and a little more than $2,000 over the $38.476 property costs for Hyundai Sonata, the tops in the midsize car scored.

Competition was particularly hard in the segment small cars KBB mentioned, with only $400, three top-end models, disconnect the Nissan Versa squeaked out a victory with expected five-year owner costs of $29.252 - the lowest of all models in the study.

The Audi A5 is a good example of how a car that cost more front actually be the long-term bargains.  Is it more expensive than many competitors in the luxury segment reported during KBB, it had five years, $5,000 ahead of the next rival in $56.908.

As Jeep Wrangler could more expensive than offerings such as the Nissan Xterra and Toyota FJ Cruiser, but the domestic model was the clear winner in the category medium-sized sport utility, with five years of projected cost of $41.764.

The most expensive vehicle to own, which even his segment won?  This was the Lexus LS460, which won the high luxury car segment with a five year price of $90.234.  The KBB survey cited low up-front, minimum depreciation, and low cost of insurance and repair the premium sedan.

Manufacturers try to generally hybrid hype by focusing on their fuel consumption.  Can be a decisive advantage, but there is also a considerable advance premium for the additional technology. And that means that it's not necessarily the bargains seem she could.  The Honda insight, the winner in the category hybrid at $32.884 over five years was less a bargain when compared to traditionally powered options, including the Nissan versa and the slightly larger KIA soul, at $31.417 the winner in the small car class.

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