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Automakers focusing on younger buyers

Automakers focusing on younger buyers
GM / Wieck

Chevrolet is the interest of the thousand-year buyer in a pair of concepts, including the Tru 85s test.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, the Detroit Bureau

It is a big gap between what the people say that they want and what they really their money on spend as automakers are aware. So, the industry takes a careful look at a new study by consulting firm Deloitte, which determines that six of the 10 Millennials a hybrid or electric vehicles, rather than one would like to buy conventionally-powered car, truck or crossover.

This would suggest that manufacturers place well on the wave of young buyers right now in the market - also known as Gen-Y, the Millennials are a group of nearly 80 million Americans, even bigger than the vaunted baby boomers, the latter a group America in the fifty or so transformed. Now at least one gas electric model in its offers almost all manufacturers on the market line-up with a range of conventional hybrids, plug-in the and pure battery-electric vehicles or BEVs, to follow.

But young drivers are not the only ones who say that they are battery- based with the latest want to go green technologies. Some new research showed that older Americans routinely say they "a hybrid that next time look at" they want to buy a new car. It's just that these battery-based vehicles make usually cut at the end. Last year, barely 2% was actually stuck hybrids as a percentage of the entire U.S. market. Total sales of all battery-based vehicles designed little demand for the Honda Accord.

Nevertheless, the new survey by Deloitte reflects the results of other studies that have found Millennials more environmentally conscious than any other age group now in the automotive market.

"Gen Y familiar and comfortable environment with hybrid technology,", said Craig Giffi, Deloitte of Vice Chairman and head of his practice, car, suggesting that the Millennials "will lead us out of the traditional gasoline-powered vehicles."

Preferences of 1,500 consumers from the Gen Y, X and baby-boom generation - 250 of respondents buy the study of the automotive industry between at the age of 19 to 31. The group included consumers in China and Europe.

Significantly, while the Millennials were clearly comfortable with hybrids, as Giffi mentioned, they were less so with pure BEVs, only 2% said they a vehicle running on battery operated alone would keep.

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