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4 Things to consider before buying a small car

Small cars no longer Econoboxes. Some have prestige and price premium. But there is to keep a few things in mind before you leave Jennifer Lopez vary you into buying a Fiat 500.

I speak from experience. In 2008 I traded my Lexus RX for a Toyota Prius. I wrote about my shift in the Prius diary for the New York Times. In the years since I was happy - that most of the time.

Possession was a small cars last year when I lived in Chicago, Illinois ideal where Priuses, minis and other smaller vehicles seem to have the streets of the city. Now that I'm back in Michigan, it is still a pleasure to spend only $20 every couple of weeks on a tank of gas.

But I miss my Lexus occasionally, particularly the last month, when I moved and space could have used the bullets.

Here are four things for other potential small cars to check buyer.

How you live fit smaller? There are many reasons people large vehicles, why, that they have fit much with them – kids, dogs, sport equipment, inventory, supplies. You are about to still shuttling students, or have gone to school? Have you been skiing for yoga or Pilates? If your lifestyle can handle a smaller vehicle, is, that a first step.

Also, when you drag a plug-in, a conventional hybrid or an electric car into consideration, they have different properties than a traditional car. Not for one thing, floor the pedal and gas engine get response. On the other hand, they know not mechanics as well as vehicles with internal combustion engines. Take the time to inform themselves on maintenance? Are you ready, that fit way you drive?

Where are you going there? How much highway travel compared to running around town are you doing? Hybrids get better dangers especially on city streets.

You have a long commute? No matter the gas savings, small may seem restrictive, if you are constantly on the move. On the other hand, if you make only brief excursions, it can facilitate, to into something nimble dart you find.

What is the parking lot, where you live and work? One of the most common reasons why people to shrink is that they their families reduce fleet are.

Some move from suburb, town, where they are to be on the road, parking or a single garage parking. You will be pleasantly surprised, how much easier it is to a smaller vehicle than a full-size SUV turn off. (In particular if you have a backup camera, like the one on my Prius.)

But here's something else. If you are a vehicle only on its own, want it to be small? Would you better off with something bigger if you run, farmer's markets, antique shops and be tailgating?

You are budget minded - or comfort-minded? Clearly, the square full-blown 80's were short on luxury. But smaller vehicles are now with many of the same features as larger ones such as navigation systems, heated seats and first-class sound systems. Cars like the BMW 1 series and the always popular mini lineup is good against their larger siblings.

But unless you buy entry level models, small cars are not proves to be bargains. "Shrink it, but they buy versions, the loaded" Jesse Toprak, Vice President for industry trends for, says the small car buyers. It takes the average, the Chevrolet Cruze is selling for $3,000 more than its predecessor cobalt, Chevrolet. The Cruze is the price of the Honda Civic, surpassed that long as one of the more expensive has been compressed.

So, you all keep that in mind as you have, that "should I go smaller?" Conversation in this winter.

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