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Jaguar, exposed once almost extinct, claws

It is 50 years of the Jaguar E-type revolutionizing automotive design, and now the British automaker is things shake again with the announcement that it his widely acclaimed C-X is withdrawn 75 concept car in production.

First, Jaguar said they had no formal plans for striking supercar, officials that his on last autumn Paris Motor Show debut, but they switched course reflects that the prototype has received the strong reaction from the public. It will join now 40 other new products, variants of existing models and large technology programmes of Jaguar and his siblings brand, Land Rover planned.

"People expect Jaguar innovators are - d. h. If Jaguar is at its best", Jaguar said global brand Director Adrian hallmark. "No other vehicle will mean renewed confidence and excellence in technological innovation better Jaguar as this."

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The 2-seater - the Jaguar plans only build 150 at 700,000 pounds sterling per piece (about $1.2 million at current prices) - developed together with racing Williams F1. A plug-in hybrid drive - used the C-X 75, but it is not an other Chevrolet Volt. While there are more than 30 miles per get free of charge, also starts from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds, he reached a top speed of more than 200 mph.

The main difference between the show-car and the production version of the C-X 75 is the use of a relatively conventional combustion engine back-up power, instead of twin micro turbines, offer technology not yet ready for the road, be officials according to Jaguar.

The timing of the announcement of C-X 75 Jaguar is a much-needed boost. Two years ago, Ford sold the automaker of to ambitious Indian automaker Tata Motors. Ford own ambitions for JAG for massive increases in revenue once called, but these plans came to nothing, especially on defective products such as the compact X-type. In fact, they were two-door versions of the mainstream Ford models.

The price for getting things right, decided Ford, JAG and Land Rover sell to recognize. Tata, in turn is betting it can its new Marques to global take - and improve the design and technology of its more modest Indian product lines.

Among the many Jaguars in the development of Hallmark cards confirms, is a new entry-luxury model. Name it a replacement for the unloved X-type, however. This model was, Hallmark, emblematic of the many errors, which almost completely destroyed Jaguar. The new small car, to follow others, together with all must deliver the look, feel and performance, which the brand suits stressed that British-born Executive.

Again and again in the compact market - dominated long BMW 3-series - Hallmark cards is added much. This segment is"massive" and "the most important piece," Jaguar planned product development could be effort, he said. A sedan is a new platform, but Jaguar "like to do several body styles," Hallmark cards indicated.

The question of what else comes from Jaguar, Hallmark struck a high end crossover, targeting as BMW X 5 and Audi's Q7, the development, while a small crossover is also a strong possibility. The strategy as Jaguar is a clear shift has clear controlled long nothing truck-like, what does this part of the market with Land Rover.

"Just because we are part of the Jaguar/Land Rover does not mean, that we look at crossovers, cannot", the trademark, said that the British automaker in October last year after a brief stint with the reborn Saab joined.

"We do not overlap," echo Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO, in a separate interview. Is "distinct DNA", which sold confuse customers crossovers of the two trade marks is - can keep separate showrooms.

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Hallmark also suggested that while Jaguar, under the current range, will fall "we can also [Advanced] about where we are now."

In particular the 41 new programmes - with the C-X 75 added - contain important new drives. That's tough new mileage substantially, taking into account and emission standards are used in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. Expect super car, only one of several shows how advanced electric propulsion systems to be although Speth warned that neither Jaguar Land Rover are ready to commit, a pure battery electric vehicle. More diesel engines are also in the works.

While Jaguar could have an unlimited budget, it is in a better position than it was three years ago. "It of survival is gone to unbridled ambition in three years," said hallmark.

Thus, the ambitious product range of Jaguar/Land Rover finance Tata is a global bond, set with j.p. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Credit Suisse Group and Standard Chartered PLC, to manage the business. While the British operations, now in the black are operating offset would help the bonds that financed the cost of $2.3 billion acquisition and free up Tata's more for research and development.

At one point, former Ford CEO Jacques Nasser created plans to Jaguar sales to 200,000 per year and beyond. Today, however, it is hardly at the 50,000 mark. More on a stage could transform the automaker from niche player to something with his German rival the product offensive. "We are not a million Jaguars a year, will sell", shows Hallmark card.

"But we large repeatedly want to sell" the current figures, he added quickly. "Much more than it is today."

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