Saturday, May 21, 2011

GM add up to 400 jobs in Toledo

TOLEDO (Ohio) - General Motors is composed of help wanted sign.

GM said Tuesday that it add or keep 4,000 jobs in the United States by the recruitment of new staff or call back workers over the next year and a half furloughed. It is the latest sign that those who want to restore the company and U.S. auto industry sales slump and bankruptcies.

"This impact jobs and echo in our economy," said GM CEO Dan Akerson, in a transfer in Toledo, where said up to 400 new workers is set or retained.

GM will spend $2 billion at 17 locations in eight States to create the new work. Most of the investment will be in the Midwest. In addition, some details of the jobs were in the land will be published.

It is also not clear how the positions will be many new employees. Many maintained existing jobs with the introduction of new cars and trucks. The automaker will announce which plants are always new investments in the next few months.

GM spokeswoman Kimberly Carpenter said the company has approximately 1,300 workers fired to wait, in the US-GM recall all of them remember, until the expected end of the year and already is workers in the in Flint of HinzufugenMichigan, Orion Township, Michigan, and Delta Township, Michigan, in the vicinity of Lansing, she said.

The message is safe, that GM image boost after under fire for taking a $50 billion Government bailout.

All jobs are created in addition to 9,500 or since GM left bankruptcy protection in 2009 preserved remains.

Akerson said that he is confident about the economy and the demand for new cars, especially fuel efficient models, which have contributed to, GM sales. General Motors co. reported a $3.2 billion earn his best profit in more than a decade last week in the first quarter.

GM also plans to invest in factories outside the United States to meet rising demand, Akerson said, but he would give no details.

He said "Our cars sell well,". "We seem to have hit a sweet spot".

In Toledo, red shirts, workers say "support us we support you" stand and cheered at Akerson GM said a new 8-speed transmission in the factory builds.

The new gearbox replaced not that, the six-course, the factory already for more than a dozen models, including the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro and Cadillac Escalade makes.

For Brad Cowell, 20, of Toledo, not the timing be better. He is a temporary worker at the plant, which was called just got back from dismissal this week, Chevrolet Cruze compact build transmissions for the quick sale.

The chance, full-time remain work harder on him make, he said.

GM would get the new 8-speed transmission to increase gas mileage by the shift in the most efficient course which vehicle do not reveal.

Every new employee are paid GM's entry-level pay $14 per hour, about half of the wages of a veteran union Autoworker. The United Auto workers agreed, lower wages in the Treaty conducted at GM concessions towards bankruptcy protection two years ago.

Plants in Spring Hill, Tennessee, and Janesville, Wisc. is talks to vessel reopening this summer the UAW GM in the Treaty, as well as new vehicles for the Shreveport, La., plant that is planned to close.

The Union is willing to discuss on further $14 per hour jobs that happen, to make, said Joe Ashton, UAW Vice President.

"We are ready to discuss everything that creates jobs," he said.

Part of the GM contains about 250 orders investments last week in a Kentucky, the Corvettes is announced.

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