Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fuel tank probed problem on F-150 trucks

DETROIT - U.S. safety regulators a fuel tank problem study, the more than 2.7 million Ford F-150 pickup trucks affect could.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday that which keep steel strap you can fire and the up the truck gas tank rust and break, causing might spill a fuel. No injuries were reported damaged by the possible.

The Agency is looking into trucks from 1997 to 2001. The NHTSA investigations often lead to callbacks.

NHTSA was looking for the problem of fuel tank last year after it received 32 complaints. NHTSA and Ford have now 243 reports the tanks fall. In two events a fire started the fuel tank fell. One of the fires destroyed the pickup, while the others even wiped out.

NHTSA said it was fuel leakage in 95 of the reported incidents. Nine reports spark in the tank on the road, the the probability that a fire would increase.

Ford said that it is working with the investigation. Company spokesman wes Sherwood said owner with questions about your dealer contact.

The investigation is not related to the lack of an airbag, the the recent recall of 1.2 million F-150 s from the years 2004-2006 model has caused.

The top-selling vehicle in the United States is the F-series for more than three decades. It was the subject of the recent sniping between NHTSA and Ford as a result of airbags, that could provide at the wrong time. Ford announced in February, that there would be 150,000 F - 150 s for this problem to resolve, but under the pressure of regulatory authorities, the callback, 1.2 million truck last month added to. In this case, there were 98 reported injuries because of the problem.

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