Sunday, April 3, 2011

GM, Chrysler Sue allies of "Hostage" vehicles

DETROIT - General Motors and Chrysler have allied systems holding Inc., sued the car tug "Holding hostage" accusing more than 2400 new cars and trucks.

GM, violated a contract under which it offers car-drag services for the U.S. based automaker in a lawsuit on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in Detroit, Michigan, borne by the allies.

"Defendant holds hostage 1704 new GM vehicles, with an estimated value of 46.6 million $, according to the process". "It is simply not entitled to the vehicle;" "They are GM property."

In a separate suit, Chrysler said about 700 vehicles considered allies.

Allies called is the largest car transporter in North America, not for comment could be achieved.

GM is looking for immediate return of the vehicles, the Chevrolet Silverado pickups and Camaro coupe, so that he can fill orders. The value of the vehicles will lose value, and customer relationships could hurt if allies continue to the lawsuit, she said, to keep. The automaker is also unspecified looking for damage.

Chrysler his suit on Tuesday in Ontario Superior Court, seeks the return of approximately 700 vehicles, said including minivans by allies in Windsor, Ontario, spokeswoman Katie Hepler held. Chrysler seeks damages.

Chrysler said that the Court decreed that the automaker was entitled, about 200 of the vehicles immediately remove and it said it these vehicles had recovered.

Chrysler said that the Court postponed a hearing on the car manufacturer of the remaining vehicles up to the next Monday or Tuesday.

Other automakers contracts with Toyota Motor Corp were also allied ended <7203.t>, for the allies of hauls about 20 percent of its U.S. vehicles trucks and Honda Motor Co Ltd <7267.t>.

Toyota said it was one of the vehicles is held by Allied forces, while Honda said it with not unaware of the tug. All the automakers have moved the business to other companies.

Ford Motor Co and Nissan Motor Co Ltd <7201.t> said she continues to work with allies and it has no break in their deliveries.

GM said in his lawsuit, on March 10 that it had learned Allied unilaterally reducing the wages of the Teamsters union employees by 20 percent and the Union had responded with a 72-hour strike to Allied.

March 16, allies called GM a price 15 percent increase, rising annually by 3%, plus restrictions on the right of the car manufacturers to his contract with allies and other revisions of the Treaty, according to the lawsuit.

GM said it responded by calling the allies called "totally unacceptable." The next day, allies said it reached a deal to avoid a strike, but would not more serve customers who had not agreed to terms and conditions, the lawsuit said.

Chrysler said it will end allies also serve.

GM was looking for the return of about 1,662 new cars and trucks held allies in Dearborn, Michigan, and a further 42 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, said the lawsuit.

It said allies not to these queries stop responding or surrendered to the vehicles.

GM said in the lawsuit the damage will be "significant" and probably of Allied's ability to meet.

To drag the automaker's contract with allied to new vessels of plants dealers and other objectives was according to the process for three years as of February 2010.

The case is General Motors v. Allied Systems Ltd, U.S. District Court Eastern District of Michigan, no. 11-11162.

(Additional reporting by Bernie Woodall in Detroit;) (Editing by John Wallace)

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