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Car sales on the rise, but buyer "Downsizing"

DETROIT - Americans slipped in smaller cars and SUVs in March, as higher gas prices meant fuel consumption from top priority and rising employment, that more first-time buyers purchased a vehicle.

The trends high US sales of new cars by 17 percent from a year earlier to 1.25 million, a healthy rate, with the automotive industry, slow and steady recovery shows remains on the line. The monthly sales pace, adjusted for seasonality of the business and projected for the year, came to 13.1 million. During the recent boom years car sales hit 16 million per year.

11. March earthquake in Japan had little stricter spring progression could be impact on sales, while automaker said deliveries.

General saw double-digit increase in sales of motors, Ford, Honda and Nissan. The major car manufacturers only Toyota reported a decline of 6 percent, but was expected since Toyota sales strengthened in March of great incentives were.

Ford sold more new cars than General Motors last month, so that March, only the second time the company GM since 1998 sold.

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Gas prices rose, moved to a more efficient cars and crossovers. The national average for a gallon gas 3.58 make $ this week, the highest price for this time of year. Gas prices have 25.1 cents per gallon last month jumped.

"This is a new normal, we see you in the spring of this year, if dramatically, they facilitate gas prices are", said Jesse Toprak, Vice President for industry trends on car prices website

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Sales of the Nissan Sentra compact car doubled last year, such as sale of the Hyundai Sonata and Elantra a combined 55 percent were small cars. Crossovers-saving fuel, to. Ford escape, sales increased by 25 percent.

But Toprak said gas prices were not the whole story. Buyers always responses to new products, and it is only, that many of these products - such as the Ford Fiesta small car and Chevrolet Cruze compact car - are also the most fuel-efficient.

A healthier economy were also buyers more confidence walking into showrooms and go with a new drive. The economy added 216,000 new jobs in March, bringing the unemployment rate to a two-year low of 8.8 percent. Many workers are young people looking for work during the recession, but now have jobs and are looking to buy a car. The cars, which they want to under $ 20,000 and are economical, Toprak said.

Bigger cars, crossovers and SUVs are hurt most by the trend. Buyers appear below a vehicle size will move if they make a new purchase. Sale of the traverse, a large crossover fell 4.7 percent in March, while sales of the middle class were Chevrolet Equinox crossover to 17 percent. Sales of the Ford Taurus large sedan were 15 percent, but the Ford Fusion midsize sedan saw its best sales month ever.

Pickup sales decreased slightly and seemed pickup buyers looking for more efficiency. Ford said that Ford's new V6 engine chosen 37 percent of the F-150 buyer in March instead of the traditional V-8.

In the past, which would have been a concern for car manufacturers, to get the stronger profit margins on larger vehicles. Alan Batey, Vice President which Chevrolet, said division of GM, but buyers are their small cars with more expensive options such as leather seats, equipment that is driving the prices. Only 20 percent of the buyers will decide for a base model Cruze, he said.

GM said its sales growth a total of 11 percent was powered by the new Cruze, its first high-quality small cars in years. The vehicle one 80 percent revenue gain compared to lackluster predecessor, the cobalt. The increase is by far the largest for all GM vehicles last month.

But GM was two months sweet deals and his rival a total growth stayed behind. To increase by about $400 per vehicle in January discounts and it in February expanded, cut them GM in March.

Sales were Ford Motor Co. to 16 percent saw the strength of new vehicles including the new Explorer crossover, which double sales of last March.

Chrysler Group LLC said his 31 percent increase in sales of medium-sized sedans such as the Chrysler-200, which was featured in a popular Super Bowl ad and led Dodge Avenger. Exceeded sales growth for cars trucks and truck sales was still strong at Chrysler.

Toyota attributed to its turnover drop reduced discounts. said Toyota incentives 23 percent from last March and 11 percent of February fell. Officials tempted customers to assure that adequate supply of Prius sales jump in March 52 percent saw it. Production has resumed in Japan and shipments will be coming soon, she said.

"We do not think that we run out of the car," said Bob Carter, Director of Toyota in the U.S. branch of the company.

Toyota Motor Co. will start beginning of March with a 18-day supply of Japanese Prius hybrids, April down from a 30-day supply.

Other automakers reporting sales Friday include:

Kia Motors America, with a 44 percent from March last year. Increased sales of the new Optima mid-sized car by 90 percent. Honda Motor Co. said sales jumped 23 percent. The subcompact fit, which in Japan made is, led the way with a 49 percent, while civic compact sales rose by more than 40 percent. Nissan Motor Co. said sales 27 percent on the month, the best month in the history of the company jumped. Sale of the Xterra compact more than doubled, but sales of SUV Pathfinder was also strong against the trend of small-car. Hyundai Motor America reported a 32 percent sales jump and said sales of the Elantra compact more than doubled. Subaru of America Inc., said U.S. sales rose by 13 percent. Outback sales jumped 38 Prozent.Mazda North American operations said its US sales rose by 33 percent. Sale of the Mazda5 van more than doubled.

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