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The Buick is back again! No, really...

During Butler University long-shot bid Monday night against the University of Connecticut in the NCAA title game collapsed, basketball fans got a look at an another Cinderella story, which can have a better chance of success.

Buick, the long struggling General Motors brand, before recently signed a three year sponsorship deal with the NCAA, highlighted by the debut of a new "hymn" in the last few days March commercial madness.

"Our intention is the flag and inspire a re-evaluation of the Buick," said Craig Bierley, brand marketing chief.

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Not many Americans is aware that Buick is still around, admits Bierley. In fact, many analysts have long prompted GM, Buick to give up, and it was expected that one of the first brands to go, when the giant automaker in Government-controlled bankruptcy be overturned in the year 2009.

The US Government forced cut GM four of its eight North American brands. At the end, Saturn, Hummer and Pontiac were closed while Saab was sold. Buick survived along with the Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC.

Buick not only survived, it begins to thrive now. The dominant in the luxury long United States already for the first two months of the year sold the sign, which is positioned as a mid-luxury brand, Lexus, a vehicle make.

Lexus were surpassed in turn by BMW in the first quarter, again his leading role in the March and the two automakers. However, Buicks sales which easily surpassed industry as a whole recovery. The Division of GM sold 15,663 cars and crossovers in the last month a 20.9 percent increase over the same month a year earlier. For the first three months of the year, sales 39.2 per cent over the previous year amounted to 44,739 - a jump.

Just as important the fact that these increases came is trimmed as Buick - back on sale in distributors long the dumping ground for the brand unwanted offers.

Of course it helps, to a large extent new line-up to have. The still strong enclave is Buick's oldest model, introduced for model year 2008. The crossover was the first sign was modified slightly in Buick. It has won not only several awards, but also began the younger, wealthier and better educated buyers, is the way the Buick had seen in decades.

Since then a procession of new car offered was sedan, 4-door shelf, one long for product, including the great LaCrosse and Buick line starved added later in the year of the compact verano. On the upcoming Shanghai motor show Buick will draw now expected the packs from a show car morphs in a completely new compact crossover.

To reveal Buick's decision the concept vehicle in China instead of at April's New York Auto show is important, yet not really surprising. In fact, Ed Welburn, GM global design Director, takes note of the fact that Buick is probably only exist "because of the China."

The last emperor had a curious twist of fate a Buick that later become the Communists only at the cost of ownership of Mao's long-time lieutenant Zhou Enlai was taken prisoner. As GM Chinese officials approached a dozen years with plans for a factory in Shanghai, it was said, had to produce Buicks instead of a stronger brands of the company. Since then, GM has turned to China's largest automaker and Buick of one of its largest foreign brands.

Now the challenge for Buick, to reproduce their success in China, here in the United States is lamenting "where is the perception [the Buick brand] with reality" Chris Perry, GM's North American marketing director.

The NCAA campaign-, include basketball, football, hockey and women's football - plays for the newly create Buick's push-to-image.

Meanwhile, the GM brand can also benefit from the effects of 11 March earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which have crippled the Japanese automotive industry.

Michael Jackson, CEO of the giant AutoNation retail network, this week warned that Japanese vehicles supply will be probably short in the coming months. It could be true in particular for Lexus, because all the Toyota luxury brand are currently mounted products in Japan. Toyota is just the beginning of assembly lines locked by the March 11 disaster restart. And the ongoing nuclear crisis, which has left the country behind the power, is expected to automobile production for some time limit.

Buick's long-term success is still far from guaranteed, cautioned automotive analyst Dan Gorrell of car Strategem, a Southern California-based market research company. The Buick brand is still an older, less wealthy buyer - although, that begins to shift. And Buick - like the rest of GM - still sees sales lag in coastal key markets.

The brand has a smaller cast than main competitors such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. But is optimistic that with less divisional mouth GM feed now can afford Bierley, Buick more give what it takes. The new Verano, in particular "the playing field gives us," specifically a compact luxury segment long dominated brand overseas imports.

As March Madness fans know, there are plenty of long-shot teams, you give to the annual tournament only their dreams, such as Butler's, see shot down. But Buick is betting that it has to go all the way the staying power. Whether it has a Cinderella team remains to be seen, but Buick is so far, defying the odds.

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