Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ten jumps forward in car technology

> it is a popular feature on new cars that will pose a deadly threat could. Keyless ignition. but the feature targets, making your life easier for life will be held responsible. Lisa Parker Wmaq in Chicago has details on this. Good morning.

> matt, good morning. Car keys are a thing of the past, replaced by fobs a car out of your pocket, or start can always within your budget. It is a system that is now found on more than 150 different models. many variations, but in fact it requires no physical connection between the FOB and the car to start it, or to stop you. comfortable? absolute. but it is a system with fatal error? Mary Rivera, once a College Professor, now needs help with the simplest tasks. Rivera suffer permanent brain damage. the offender, a popular feature in called millions cars keyless ignition. where a traditional key fob replaced.

> FOB is designed so that it can remain in your wallet or in your pocket, and as long as it is close enough to the censorship can your car by pushing a button.

> Reporter: in February 2009, Rivera moved their Lexus in their garage underneath the New-York, hd home who would share with her longtime boyfriend. Rivera came out of the car, keyless FOB in the hand and walked away, not realizing the car was still running.

> should after a certain period of inactivity the engine switched off.

> Reporter: instead the car sat for hours, idle fill home with carbon monoxide. Rivera barely survived. Your partner, Ernie Codillia, did not. two other known cases in Florida. Michael Yaffi was found unconscious in his home, his execution in an attached garage Lexus. He died two weeks later. the cause, his lawyer says, carbon monoxide poisoning. and in Boca Raton, 29 year old woman was found dead in your home. Chasty glisten died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Toyota, Lexus, offered no comment on the incidents, but says that his key system provides multiple warnings to alert passengers runs the vehicle when the driver is finished with the Keyring. Carl Brouwer is critically keyless technology.

> it's supposed to warn you if the key and the car are separated.

> Reporter: or how did tragic results says Mary Rivera runs before you, can still quiet go away by an engine.

> I kiss his image every night when I go to bed.

> now this is not just a problem of Toyota. Drivers of all different types of cars have the national highway traffic safety administration on a number of problems, keyless ignition associated with complains. There is currently no federal standard exists, but the Agency confirms it is now see the because of what it now by so many drivers listen to change. Matt, back to you.

> Lisa Parker, thank you very much. You drag some of these cars in your garage, you are so quiet in idle, you almost don't know you are still running and you can make a mistake like that.

> at least if you have

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