Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Selling smart cars on Mercedes dealer

DETROIT - oncoming to a Mercedes Benz Dealer in your area: this tiny Smart cars.

DaimlerChrysler says its Mercedes-Benz USA unit to accept plans USA sales and marketing its brand smart mini dealership chain Penske Automotive Group Inc.

Daimler said the two companies discussing the transition on Tuesday, started at the end of this year's second quarter expected is.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based Penske had tried the car through a dealer network of 77, but sales of to distribute smart USA's only model, the two-seater fortwo, continues to nosedive.

You were last year to just under 6,000 nationwide nearly 60 percent as gas prices or stayed in 3 US dollars per gallon for much of the year. The drop came as U.S. car and truck sales rose by 11 percent in the year.

Mercedes needs also smart cars to more stringent U.S. fuel economy standards to be complied on a national fleet average of 35.5 mpg 2016 rise. The fortwo gets 41 mpg (17.4 full) on the highway and has a base sticker price around $12,000. An electric fortwo is also in the works.

Penske began selling smart cars in the United States in 2008. Initially drew praise for your fuel efficiency and pint-sized appearance and marketed towards buyers in urban areas for their agility and ease of parking.

Penske of Chairman Roger Penske says that "smart distribution align with Daimler, because it the next logical step for the brand is the world, smart in the United States"

Penske, a former racing driver who had signed a contract for Nissan Motor Co., a new major version smart lineup to build suffer to boost sales of the brand, but a spokesman said that now has scrapped.

Daimler, last year that integrates Mercedes-Benz smart.

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