Sunday, March 27, 2011

Man fired over obscene Chrysler Tweet is suffering

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan - A Chrysler entrepreneur, an obscene Tweet on the Chrysler brand official account booked, says, he is unfortunately his four-letter call his company has taken that account and give him his job.

Read Scott Bartosiewicz Twitter posting from last week: "I find it ironic, that Detroit as the # motorcity known and still no one here knows, like you (expletive) drive." It was displayed on his personal account but Bartosiewicz sent it by mistake, should be the brand names Chrysler feed, while he was stuck in traffic on Interstate 696.

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The error led the 28-year-old Ferndale resident's dismissal and Chrysler's decision not to renew his contract with Bartosiewicz's employer, new media strategies, a Virginia-based marketing firm contributed.

"As a Detroit, it was cool, know the work I did was part of this larger comeback for Detroit and the big three" Bartosiewicz told the Detroit free press. "I my heart and soul in cast, the." "Unfortunately it is all is overshadowed by 140 characters is."

Bartosiewicz, University of Michigan MBA student, blamed the error on a confusion with a program aimed at users to help multiple Twitter accounts juggling.

"I have tweeted and posted before thousands on Facebook," he said.

Chrysler said it did what was necessary and has evolved.

"The company invested heavily, not only financially, but philosophically... in support of Detroit and the US auto industry, and we simply could not tolerate denigrate messaging - whether it was an obscenity-, which was to Detroit," said company spokesman Ed Garsten.

Bartosiewicz said he understands the automaker of's position.

"This brought up a large amount of visibility (Chrysler) brand and companies who do not wish it or questions," he told WXYZ-TV. "Unfortunately, someone has to pay, and I do not believe that they can be held responsible for it."

New media strategies spokeswoman Lyndsey Medsker Thursday said no decisions about the future of the 20 or so employees in Michigan and Virginia were made, who worked on the Chrysler account.

"In fact, it may very well be, that we can reassign people to other accounts," she said.

Regardless, Medsker said: "New media strategies will continue to be for Detroit and are great believers in the city comeback."

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