Friday, March 25, 2011

Ford CEO gets 56.5 million US-dollar-stock-award

DEARBORN, Michigan - Ford Motor Co. has awarded$ 56.5 million pre-tax CEO Alan Mulally with stock.

Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr., the man, of Mulally, hired floor have $ 42.4 million.

The Dearborn, Michigan, company awards in filings Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission reported. Shares were granted on Thursday.

Ford financial peril was when Mulally took over in 2006. You pledged assets by more than $23 billion loan and was able to a bankruptcy.

Last year the company $6.6 billion, best year since 1999 be made. Sales rose almost 20 percent last year.

Mulally paid to manage $23 million, while Bill Ford paid$ 17 million in taxes.

Both men have options to buy stock at $14.76 per share. This is higher than at the Monday closing price of $14.01.

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